XN Raiser GET!

Blah! Guess my internet just failed for the last couple of days as I really couldn’t surf anywhere… hence not being able to pose or comment back. Anyway… yes, you are seeing double. I’ve secured two Oct issue of Hobby Japan w/ XN Raiser. I’m willing to sell one of them for those who can’t obtain one but I’m not quite sure how I would like to go about doing it (suggestions would help ^^). Unfortunately, I can’t do a giveaway this time around because I’ve been reduced to penny pinching after buying my textbooks and supplies, paying tuition, affording car insurance, and misc spending… all in this month. ****! So yea… hope you all can understand ^^;. I would still like to help someone out who wants a XN Raiser though. I see it being sold on ebay for $35+ so I’m planning on selling it for maybe $30 (shipping included). I bought each for $20 so I’m not making much at all after shipping it out. Let me know here if you’re interested and suggest a way where I can sell it fairly (I plan on shipping it out next tuesday or wednesday).


20 thoughts on “XN Raiser GET!

  1. Got one for myself recently too! A lot of painting would be required, but at least the magazine would tell you the techniques and steps as well as putting them onto other 00 mechs!

  2. I wished bandai release a 1/100 version. Or else i won’t have any reasons to buy 1/100 00 Gundam bcuz i’m waitin for the MG release.

  3. What a coincidence! Just today I saw these magazines arrived at my local shop! But, oh well, I guess I’m just not into XN Raiser too much (is it only me? XP).

    Besides I have Astraea conversion parts and Rasiel still unbuilt too. Not too inclined on buying another furoku kit.

  4. Oh naisu!

    Im still waiting for my friend getting it for me ^^;;

    Z, do u planning to paint it using handbrush? or spray paint? perhaps air brush?? :D

    Me? hm… i think going to experiment it with air brush :D, both still on the way though, I cant wait :D

    My MG Exia IGM has arrived!! but not to me yet ^^;;, my seller said to me now it stuck at Custom lol, not only mine tho.. some bunch of stacked Exia IGM tho.. haha

  5. tsukinari, probably spray paint… hence I think it might be nice to have a spare one xD. XN Raiser>>>00 Raiser

    Cameron, yea I got it from there. I don’t really go to Uwajimaya though… only just to Kinokuniya whenever stuff like this comes out xD. The issue came out on Saturday so if you head there tomorrow or something you might still be able to pick up a copy for $20.

    Lelouch, nah… not looking to profit (much) off of this. Just wanna know who’s intereste and I’ll do a coin toss or something I guess.

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