MG Exia Repair Ver. Z


I’ve finally finally finalized my MG Gundam Exia. Finalized as in… I can probably no longer convert it back to the regular MG Exia ^^;. I think I overdid it (in a bad way) on the Repair… but eh, t’was my first time weathering ^^;. Check out my MG Exia Review if you haven’t before. I’ve also recovered some “budget” (which was not-so-apparently time) and finished the omake fight scene in Exia’s review as well so if you like to check that out… :)

EDIT: The new Repair photos are under “RESTART”, which is right before the “rants/UNREST” section (so near the end of the actual review). Just in case of you missed it.


11 thoughts on “MG Exia Repair Ver. Z

  1. Cool! Weathering is just…cool!!!

    Just finished building my exia. XD.Aaand i have few questions Z.
    First, this IM, does it mean we can just built one mode despite the extra parts it provides? Coz i found one minor that can’t be swap over and over. It is…FOIL STICKERS! U know, the grey one for repair’s leg condenser. We must detach the normal sticker then apply the grey one, is dat right?
    Second, is your beam saber holder at the shoulder that loose? Mine is loose at the moment i attach it ^^;

  2. technically, yes. You’re supposed to just leave it in one mode. For the foil stickers, you can cut them out (with the backing still on) so they are swappable. The beam saber is loose…but it doesn’t drop down. It stays in position fairly well ^^.

  3. Haha,so bandai is got me…But it still can be converted vice versa if we want right?
    Wow, i didn’t know that before! Great idea. Cut the sticker with its backing…Thanks 4 the tips! XD

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