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Due to a certain intervention last time, the project for MG Cow got delayed… until now (after I clean up my room). Since school is starting, it’ll probably take me till somewhere in October to finish ^^;. Depending on my academic life, this might also be my last MG project for awhile. We’ll see…

Turn A Turn… Turn A Turn… Turn AAA…

51 thoughts on “Next Project is…

  1. Wha– wha– whaaaaaaaaat?! “Turn A has the ugliest Gundam design ever?!” I beg to differ.

    Walter Gundam

    Mermaid Gundam

    And who could ever forget…

    Nether Gundam – An MS that transforms into a windmill.


    Want more Gundam fugly? Check these out:

    Turn A has one of the most original Gundam designs EVER. Notwithstanding that it barely resembles it’s classic namesake. And to think Bandai/Sunrise had to turn to the technical & mech designer of TRON and BLADE RUNNER to get it.

    Ugliest design my ass.

  2. Love the show(best gundam series imo), like how they tried to be different with design. But for heaven sake, do they have to stick that butt-ugly head to the otherwise weird, but still cool looking frame. What were they thinking ?
    Still, the model is supposed to be pretty good. So I am looking forward to the review. Might even push me over to get one.

  3. Lilboibastard, word… but it’s not THE ugliest >_>

    Siroh, I can’t believe you mentioned Nobuyuki Hiyama and didn’t mention GAOGAIGAR! or Viral xD. Though I take it you haven’t seen GGG before ^^;. Don’t really have much to say about G v G Next…except the more the merrier?

    Ckai, damn… now those are U-G-L-Y xDDD

    goombatron, if there is anything I think ugly about Turn A…is the feet >_>

    Bobthedestroyer, what’s wrong with a mustache? xD

  4. I guess the Turn A is a bit odd looking, but I think it looks pretty neat. I remember seeing it at an arts and craft store at my local Chinatown(1/100 HG me believes) and I was like “Hey this dude is expensive!” They were charging 50 bucks and I was like hells no. Well Enough with my old fart gibberish-ing.

    If you take the Turn A’s mustache and glue it to it’s forehead, you’ll have the run of the mill Gundam again, but without it’s face mask/mouth thing. But then it’ll look… weird?! :l

  5. Z: You’re right. I live under a rock. Now bash me with a Zaku’s heat axe over it and shove me somewhere to remedy the situation here. :P

    But I mainly used Shiro given that this entry is based on Gunpla and Soul Calibur II was pretty much one of the games I recently played, and given that he fills two roles in most versions of the game and three on the GameCube, I felt it worth mentioning after a previous gaming reference.

  6. Z:

    Ah, the feet. Yeah, this particular kit’s feet aren’t nearly as articulate as other MG Ver.2.0s and the like as I’d prefer them to be, but overall, the MG Turn A has AMAZING articulation for a pretty boxy design that would seem to be fairly limiting in movement. And according to the Gunpla Turn A special issue that came with the kit, we have Katoki to thank for that, yet again.

    One cool thing I like about this guy is his stance – you can see it in the box photos. I normally see this sort of ‘swayback’ in the legs standing pose in some protagonist comic covers and anime, and this is the first time I’ve seen a model kit pull it off. Even just standing there, the Turn A can look cool.

    And for those who hate dealing with decals and stickers, this kit only needs one – the silver sticker that goes behind the eyes that give it a cool reflective property. Very cool. So cool that I’ve tried it on one of my other kits and it makes for a great effect if your Gunpla has clear eye parts. You don’t even need to paint the Turn A’s eyes!

  7. Ahya, I believe there was a design of Turn A with the V-fin in the appropriate spot (forehead) and I ended up preferring the anime design anyway xD. It just works with the overall design of the head and body.

    Siroh, heat axes wouldn’t do any justice in this case. Wouldn’t the Goldion Crusher be more appropriate? :D

    Ckai, Thank you for pointing out some of the finer beauty of Turn A’s design! the legs are indeed sexy ^^

  8. Well, that’s certainly overkill, though not quite death by countless glowing nanites when a certain MS (the model of which being built off-and-on) goes into Du Ex Machina mode…

    Any luck on unlocking anything after bumping people off tracks in your own Du Ex Machina mode (which only happens for a few seconds when used), or being kicked around by green/red/blue shells (or, to use a stronger hint, having to rely on the bottom screen because someone threw ink on your top one before using lighting to make everyone else tiny so you can catch up)? :)

  9. Even though it’s been a while since I’ve touched the game, I remembered I actually got somewhere. I think I’ve unlocked two more cups in the 50 cc ^^

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