V-fins. Crowns. Crest. Antenna. Whatever they’re called. Almost every Gundam has one. Question of the day: Why does it make a Gundam look so attractive? Let’s talk a bit about this odd aesthetic phenomenon today. I recall something that a Gundam’s helmet got its design influence from the traditional Samurai’s kabuto… howevever, this doesn’t explain why it makes a Gundam more appealing. I bet you the Ez-8 will look better with a v-fin ^^. What is it about this “V” that adds to the design that makes a Gundam look more… fierce/powerful(?)…than without it? I really don’t know. Maybe since it always has one, then it should have one. Aesthetic-wise, I think it is almost like a spoiler on some cars- Think of the Mazda RX-7… it looks GREAT with a wing spoiler but then you find it incomplete without one. Again, we know it looks great…but not WHY >_>.



Of course, Gundams aren’t the only mechas to sport V-fins. There are many out there with such a design. Like GaoGaiGar, *insert brave series here*, Gravion, and… others I can’t think of at the moment >_>;. Anyway, the point is…without the V-fin, the mechs just doesn’t look as good/powerful/whatnot. Whatever the reason might be.

What are your thoughts?


47 thoughts on “V-Fins

  1. Not on the V-fins but….just read your tiring schedule on your Twitter blurb. Don’t worry, nobody’s pressuring you for the Turn A review so take your time. ^^

  2. “Anyway, the point is…without the V-fin, the mechs just doesn’t look as good/powerful/whatnot. Whatever the reason might be.”

    i beg to differ, i think armored core mechs do just fine with their normal antennas. they look cool to me anyway

  3. @ GN-X Gundam? Oh… the one that was in the side story (not sure which one), actually it is the prototype/early design of the Gadessa and Garazzo.

  4. @C: The designs are just too simmilar to S2 gundams. I’m expecting movie Gundams to be as different from S2 ones, as S2 were from S1 ones. And those from the blog are just S2 Gundams with organic feel added to them

    The info is true, i believe, but it’s very scarce and there can be million designs you could create using them.

  5. Сдается мне, на вашем блоге развелось слишком много так называемых говн*комментатров, которым лишь бы ляпнуть чего-нибудь:)

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