Still Alive…


There’s this saying in Chinese that translates into something along the lines of “having the free time to die, but not the free time to be sick”. Such is the case I am in at the moment- Sick while falling way behind in school and assignments… and work… wee! Whatever happened to the “abundance of health” that comes with being born in the year of the Dragon? ^^; While most of the cold symptoms are gone, I’m left with rather painful persistent coughing from my lungs even after a week. It is hella draining on the body -_-;. I hope it is not bronchitis o_o;. Have to go see the doc about it. This will be my second time being forced to see a doctor within one year since… ever (except the time I got my ankle ran over by a Dodge Ram… but that’s a different story). Anyway, just dropping a note to you all that I’m (not) well and alive ^^. Can’t really go too wrong with Miku cheerfully serving me a bowl of congee with pork and 1000-year-old egg :D.

Anyway, I came back to this blog expecting tumbleweeds to be rolling by but to my surprise, some of you are still chatting here… keeping this place a bit lively ^^;. you’re all awesome! It seems I have a lot of questions of answer and a lot of conversations to catch up with ^^;. Gonna take me some time to reply so hope some of you don’t mind. Not to mention all the gunpla news I missed out on in the past week. dayum. Also surprisingly, the blog stats didn’t change one bit since my disappearance ^^;. Which I now feel kinda bad since people are coming here and I haven’t been updating >_<. I know I have a long overdue review to put out (as always)… I’ll see what I can do. I WANT to finish Turn A by the end of this month but that’s wishful thinking for me at the moment. I think I’ll be able to get back to blogging regularly now though… I do have some stuff to talk about and actually put out something useful by the end of this week even if it is not a review. We’ll see…

I apologize for the long absence and thank you for your concerns ^^. Now if I may…



38 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. Hey Q i heard thats theres an online store selling ainme products only to the u.k and europe as soon as i get the name ill post it here. Hope you get better z and whats the story with the dogde ram? :)

  2. If you have any information bout that dodge ram(color and plates yes PLATES) I will freely destroy it, to avenge you

    >> Dredhawk: His site may have expired, and Marvin doesn’t really have much time to do blogging anymore, being busy taking care of his family

  3. Get well soon bro…If you really feel so bad for us…well….maybe u can repay us with a review on a PG? XD! Just kidding…..Anyways get hope you well soon (zhu ni zao ri kang fu). I have been missing your reviews.

  4. @Dredhawk
    I think the marvinryan’s blog is down because you know, the typhoon there in philliphines might damaged the local server

    Yeah,, MG Victory Gundam Ver Ka for december. So, how? I was half dissapointed and half relieved.

    The dissapointing fact: Another Ver Ka! That means a kit that lacks poseability!

    The Good Fact: Looking at how simple the kit is, it will not cost much, and that means Bandai will release another MG Victory Gundam. maybe the assault type with the beam wings! (like how Bandai released Crossbone Ver Ka first, then MG Crossbone Full Cloth)

    My decision: Thanks Bandai. You’re asking me to prepare my cash and start saving now because there will definitely be a Assault Buster version and i’ll wait. I won’t buy Ver Ka. I won’t fall for your kit bash tricks anymore.

  5. MG Victory comes with the Hexa parts, priced at 4000 yen. Abit pricey for a kit of F91’s size but the extra parts do add up.

    And last I checked, none of the Ver. Ka. kits were kitbashes like the shameless Seed Vs Astray line, not to mention there was one Ver Ka kit called the Sinanju that kicked the articulation butts of nearly every other MG kit before it..

  6. Thanks everyone for the “get well” wishes ^^. Flu season is in early this year I guess. Your friend gets sick…then you get sick…then you get others sick. It goes around. Hope you’re all well and still healthy though. Those of you who are already sick… hope you are at least doing better than I am ^^;.

    As for the dodge ram story,well… it’s nothing fascinating but here it is:

    I was walking home one day after school, and reached a busy intersection. The events happened next happened almost so instantly that I really don’t know for sure what the hell happened… so as I was crossing the street halfway (pedestrian light blinking red- about to stop), I looked to the left (just looking around) and then the next thing I noticed… was a Dodge Ram charging at me (pun intended xD) from the right, honking. So fast it all happened… How can I describe it? I was hit on the right side of my body, while almost at the same time (a little after?) my right ankle went under the tire but my foot got “spit out” as I was knocked quite some feet back, sliding on the road. I managed to roll to the curb… Ram drove off before I saw it. This all happened in just a matter of seconds. Basically, hit and run. How did I looked right after? Both of my elbows, forearms and knees got pavement “burns” (road rashes?), bloodied hips, bits on the face… and a broken ankle. It was RIDICULOUSLY swollen. Oh, it was nasty and painful ^^;. Fastforward all the ER stuff and I was left on crutches for a month. Never caught the driver. I was 12 back then. The End.

    Siroh, only if your rock was infected with something and got me sick :P

    Q, yep… 1988 ^^. Cheer up. At least you have great food over in the UK :D. By the way, I remember your comment about my photos being too big… but that’s because the min. resolution I worked this blog around is for people with 1280×1024. My photos actually look quite small to me and I wish it could be as wide as Danny’s but this theme doesn’t stretch that much ^^;. Sorry!

    Exkurogane, I agree with your decision!

    T, isn’t the only difference between V and Hexa are the head piece? >_>

  7. Oops. Was parroting off the comments I had read for the V. I have zero knowledge on the V itself. Read up abit on the V2 and its BA mode tho.

    Though this just makes the kit even pricier for its size. Not many accessories as well as far as I can tell.

  8. @T

    There’s indeed some kitbash between Crossbone Ver Ka and F91. The internal frames of the 4 limbs are very much the same. And oh how i hated the ball and socket joints on the waist armor you see in Ver Ka kits especially Crossbone and Unicorn. I don’t have any of Gundam SEED’s main 5 Gundams so i might consider the VS Astray version. But looking at my budget, it is unlikely i’ll be able to get one… -i allocated my $$ on expensive MGs now.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the F91 and Crossbone timeline not too far apart from each other? As funny it may sound, the inner frame have to reflect the technological periods they were designed in. Besides, it’s hardly fair to call sharing similar frames as kitbashing. Real (bad) kitbashing has been famously demonstrated by Bandai by switching parts around the body and calling it a new kit, as the Nyx Providence shows. >_>

    Ball and socket waist joints seem to be spreading in the new kits as far as I can tell, HG 00 kits has quite a number of kits with such designs. No way to tell if Katoki started the trend but it is becoming more common.

    For my own personal experiences on Ver. Ka kits, I have my own lessons to share too. Plastic on plastic for joints work quite well imo but are merciless when you make a mistake in anyway. Often they can get stuck within each other, due to lack of moving space and fusing that area immobile. That happened with my Sinanju’s waist joint when I was taking apart for applying decals and it broke. Royal mess fixing that up. More recently the rotating joint within my unicorn’s head nearly broke as well from being too stiff.

  10. @T
    Probably Katoki started the waist ball joint. My MG Strike is also like that. But i’ve never heard ball waist joints break before… ^^

  11. Hmmm. I meant the waist joint on which the torso rotates. It’s a thick peg which the torso sits on.

    I would think Katoki-style waist design would be all the joints for the skirt armors(front, side back) are on ball joints, connected by a central piece which sits on top of the pelvis.

    Doesn’t the strike only have the front skirt pieces held in place by another armor piece? The side skirts are on pegs while the back skirt is a rotating one piece. ^^

  12. @Q i got it the sites name is and the ship exclusively to europe as for the prices im not sure since i dont know how to convert euros to dollars. :) hey z do you feel like blowing up every dodge ram you see? xD im not bieng offensive or insulting u i was just wondering because i had a freind who got creamed in the head with a ptich during a baseball game and now he avoides all types of balls.XD

  13. I’m having a hard time folllowing what a Katoki waist is ^^;
    The waist is the part I pay the least attention to… provided that it just do its job properly and stay that way. Then again… I am sleepy at the moment so hard to read things carefully.

    C, Nah… there are more eyesores on the road than them to unload my artillery on…

  14. @ C:
    Yea I’ve come across that online shop before. To be honest I find their stuff incredibly expensive for many items (I can get them at half the price back in Hong Kong), but then UK is well known for being expensive with most things anyway. Not a huge matter since I need to focus on what I need to do in the UK, and leave the hobby stuff in Hong Kong when I come back.

  15. Whoa. that must be a while ago now huh? I dont think people who witnised that will be able to remember the licence plate number. Dont worry dude. Ur fellow otakus will avenge u. we’ll go find the giant 1/1 scale gundam, put it back together and hunt for the Ram. XD That would be fun if that was possible.

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