Display Stand Page

Whew! I finally have time to be productive here again! *cough* anyway, I’ve been wanting to make this page for awhile but never got around to it till now. I have created a page for the display stands/bases that I use in my photoshoot and hopefully, some of you might find it a bit useful for future reference when you decide you need a stand or something ^^;. It’s not a model review but might still be worth looking into ^^. What I’m hoping is that some people won’t ask the same “what base is that?” question in every review xD (I’m sure it’ll come up anyway). As always, feel free to ask questions if I happen to left out something in the page. I’ll get to it…eventually ^^;

Now on to another subject matter…

MG V Gundam Ver. Ka!


ZOMG! It’s finally here! NO WAI!O_O… …and I really don’t give a flying rats about it >_>. Because I know not too far in the distant future, there will be a V-Dash Gundam (which I’m actually fond of)… and hopefully, a MG V2 Assault Buster Gundam (its coming RD release gives me hope). The V Gundam by itself is more vanilla than the Mk-II in design and I’m not feeling all that soft/roundedness. The beam fan is nice though. $40 for a model the size of F91 with some extra head parts (watch it be like another case of Exia Repair) is definitely not worth it in my book… that’s more than the regular MG Exia or Wing Ver. Ka! I’m kinda glad the V is getting the Ver. Ka treatment though (despite being designed by Katoki to begin with) since the straight built model above screams “BORING!”. Yea, I know I’m being a little too harsh on the little guy… but that’s because we all know that there will be better things to come later :)

Images from Ngee Khiong and thanks to those who informed me about it in the other post ^^.