There was a Paypal promotion going on with HLJ some weeks ago where they offered free EMS shipping if paying with Paypal. I didn’t see anything I wanted at first (because so many things were out) so I didn’t give care about the promo afterward. Come the last hour (literally) of the promotion, I gave in to yet another impulse buy and picked up Seravee ^^; after checking HLJ for the last time. I wanted to pick up Arios GNWHWYHWHWH/whatever and Cherudim GNWTHWTF/whatever too but they were out. I’ve always liked Seravee and Tieria is just <3.


Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Breaker cell phone strap I think this is… or keychain ^^;


Probably my first anime apparel? Unless the Tare Danny shirt also counts ^^;

Anyone also took advantage of the free EMS shipping? What did you bought? It was probably the best savings anyone outside of Japan could’ve ever gotten from a Japanese hobby site. I would gladly take free shipping for my order than save like a few % on some items.

36 thoughts on “GNHW/B

  1. i really eager to see home look of hg 00 series. From many pictures that i found, they are quite versatile at posing and details too. But they are all painted and i want to hear ur opinion too. So, please build seravee ^^;

  2. Johnny_Leiden here…

    Sad to have missed this promo. There were a few kits I wanted where shipping was more than the kit’s cost.

  3. Picked up a Sinanju, 1/144 GNX Alaws type and 1/100 Kyrios. EMS shipping is awesome for ausfags… 3 days or so to get to my doorstep, and I saved around 30% of the total cost of the order had the shipping been included.

  4. I’ve noticed about HLJ’s free shipping campaign. Did give it a check for gunpla, figures, and even military stuff. Found *none* that were in my particular interest unfortunately, and gunpla can actually be bought cheaper back in Hong Kong even without shipping… -_-;;

  5. huh? oh. There was a free shipping campaign for paypal? i guess i missed it. oh well. no biggie. dont usually order gunpla online. but… it might have been better if they had it a while later, like, say end of oct/ start of nov? that might have been a bit better for me. then again, ive never used paypal… meh, doesnt matter now. nice seravee. is that supposed to come with seraphim? that would be nice if it did.

  6. Wouldn’t have pegged you as a Seravee fan. But I do like its surprise attack aspect.

    I was also tempted to make a purchase during HLJ’s sale, but my funds are low, and I am SO behind on the Exia >_<

  7. Kururu, think I’ve seen it once… it does look badass indeed but losing its fatness ^^;

    B-Mecha, Cute and awesome. Wish there was one of TTGL too!

  8. Kururu and Z: I’ve seen the picture of the Gundam in question myself (I believe the SRW Hotnews blog mentioned its name is “Gundam Raphael”). Doesn’t the head have a hint of GP02a in it? Not a blatant copy, but it kind-of looks like it has a “00-ified” GP02a look to it. And the shoulder armor reminds me of the RX-178 Gundam Mark II. Not quite sure about the arms, though…

    Maybe it’s just my eyes. *shrug*

  9. Yea I see what you mean about Raphael looking like GP02A- The head just has that kinda shape. And it looks like there might be yet another gundam inside all those armor again xD. Wait a sec… I thought Tieria died >_> I supposed he can always create another him…

    and man… the boxart for GvG NP is disgustingly uninspiring…

  10. Well, I’m not bothered so much by the fact that we won’t have Okawara-ized Gundam heads for the cover of that game (as the predecessor had), since I’m more psyched by what’s beyond the cover. :)

    (For those who happen to, say, read this specific exchange of comments well into the next month or beyond, he’s bringing up what I mentioned in his very first Turn A WISP entry, so it isn’t something coming out of left field.)

  11. haha I did not realized I replied in the wrong post… probably because I was reading both of your comments at the same time in different windows when I replied xD.

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