Turn A WISP: Head and Body


This is what I have of the Turn A so far. This is indeed one sexy model. I was skeptical about applying decal on the forehead for the “Turn A” mark so I just handbrush Tamiya Clear Green in. I LOVE how Bandai designed the eyes for this model- the eyes are clear yellow with the gray “mask” in front of it (so no hassle of eye stickers nor painting), and silver backing behind the eyes to make it reflective. That’s like PG stuff there. Why don’t Bandai do this more often?! Oh yea, let’s stop calling it the mustache… I think V-Tusk sounds a lot better ^^;. This is actually a pretty easy model to build and I could finish it quicker if it I didn’t have so much time constraint… ^^;

Health Condition and Life History

Went to the doc last week and she said I might have a mild case of Bronchitis… hence I am still coughing for the third week straight. Even though I’ve been on medication for a week, the cough still persists albeit less often and severe. Well, the cough itself might not be that bad now but it seems I’ve bruised some muscle in my body from it -_-; (my ribcages freakin’ HURTS). I don’t dare to let out hard coughs now ^^;

I was talking to my mom the other day and made the joke of how I thought Dragons were supposed to full of health, and her reply was “Not you. You’ve always been a sickly child since you were born”. Wut? She then told me how I was during the years before I realize myself. Apparently, I was born at home and not in a hospital because my Grandma wouldn’t let my mom go due to some stupid FengSui shit belief (風水; superstitious stuff) going on that day. Since there was no one at the time knows how to be a midwife and my mom didn’t have the strength (“malnourished” from what I can translate) to deliver me, she and I could’ve almost died -_-;. Anyway, when I was born at last… I weighed less than six pounds o_o (We didn’t have much to eat back then so go figure). According to my mom, I always get sick. She needed to take me to the doc like almost every week… sometimes twice a week. If I wasn’t having a fever, then I would have like stomach problems, or some other things. Damn… I didn’t know my health was THAT bad >_>;. Guess I’m really not has healthy as I thought myself to be ^^;. Well, it is always nice to know more about yourself… especially about the times you don’t even know who you are xD.

17 thoughts on “Turn A WISP: Head and Body

  1. Handy helper you have there! Looking good so far, I love my Turn A. Maybe before you finish I’ll actually get the page up, but I’m caught up in what I’m building right now… :(

  2. Nice Turn A u got there!

    Your health situation is pretty similar to mine, but I caught a flu and the cough wont stop after it. Apparantly I am a sick dragon as well but I got a much better birth then you. Don’t worry man there’s at least 1 more guy coughing w/ u right now. COUGH COUGH COUGH!

    By the way, u can try some chinese medicines and acupuncture, I tried them and esp acupuncture really improved my breathing after a few tries.

    Hopefully this helps!

  3. (I’ll give my two cents on the White Doll later.)

    Well, in most any way, I don’t like to be reminded of my mortality (as well as that of others), and it seems you’re putting on a bigger smile than I would were I in your case. I feel for you, Z, and would hope you make as speedy a recovery as you can. If a Tiger can do it (with Asthma), I’m sure a Dragon can (with Bronchitis), too (but brush those details aside; I’m trying to build a little bit of confidence here!).

  4. As a Rabbit with asthma history, I’m always get cold few times a year too. I hope your condition will get better soon.

    Turn A’s proportion is indeed unique. Round head and round torso!^^

  5. Haha, hope you feel better man. I practically drooled when you described Turn-A’s eyes… Damnit, Bandai.

    In my case, I had open-heart surgery recently, so I can’t come back to the rest of the world until November. I’m using this moment of free time building gunpla’s too… We gun-ota’s sure know how to prioritize things when we’re sick!

  6. I really liked the shiny reflective sticker gimmick with Turn A’s eyes.

    So much that I tried it with my RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 – I cut a piece of silvery reflective sticker off of some leftover Gunpla sticker paper & pasted it to the back of where the transparent eyes would go, and achieved the same effect.

    I’d recommend doing this with any kit that comes with transparent eyes.

  7. Wow thats quite a fair bit history on your health! My brother went through what you had for almost a month and a half when he was young. Wish you a speedy recovery :D

    @ Ckai Cydek Will try out the reflective sticker ^^ Thanks for the tip!

  8. O snap, there’s actually a sticker for the eyes and i was thinking of painting the back with silver paint, Doh! >_<;

  9. less than… six pounds… ok. that is terrible health. even for gunotas like us. or atleast some of us. lol. just relized that turn A looks like it’s mouth is open or something. anyways looking good. get a speedy recovery, and get back to gunpla!

  10. I wonder how I’m supposed to put the decal on that engraved turn a logo on his head. It looks…kind of hard o.O Maybe I’ll have to paint it in too @_@

    Anyway like everyone has already said, hope you get better and get a speedy recovery ;)

  11. Wow, such a past that you didn’t know about. Sounds similar to my premature birth younger sister(slightly different situation though). My parents were so worried, especially my father was who taking care of her. Sleepless nights and every time breathing wasn’t normal, the doctor would get another call(everything is fine now and she’s very active). ^^;
    At any rate, hope you’ll get better soon.

    As for the MG Turn A…
    Yep, the eye sticker is very nice. Too bad Bandai didn’t do it for other MGs. Then again, it is probably because its the 100th MG and not a “regular” MG release. With that in mind, I wonder what and how the 200th MG will be. XP

  12. Must take extra tight care of health bro, eat more fruits, less take those drug medicines which not quite good for body. Exercise lightly also necessary. ^^

    ‘way, I like how the Turn A progress is now.

  13. Lupes, I think I had like a glimpse of your Turn A. Would like to see a full page once you’re free up a bit though ^^

    Gerbera, I don’t know where to get acupuncture here but the bitter chinese stuff do work wonders ^^;

    Siroh, thanks for the encouraging words. I think the reason why I’m still so “relaxed” even with this pain is probably because I don’t really care all that much about my own health… being under the mentality “I’ll get better eventually…”. Doesn’t seem to be working this time around though… xD. My mom is the one who is fretting the most though.

    Schneider, yea… no other way for me to hold up its body xD

    Chris, There’s a lot more roundness to go around!

    Sixwalrus, Building gunpla can contribute to a speedy recovery xD. I hope you have a smooth recovery from your surgery as well. That always sound like a scary experience ^^;

    Ckai, I do too… but you still need to paint the front black though xD

    Chubby, thanks! Hope mine won’t last that long ^^;

    Kururu, that’s not a bad idea either.

    Allen, however unhealthy I was back then doesn’t matter. I’m still here today xD.

    811, yea… the decal look ridiculously hard. Like you MUST be spot on or you’ll screw up. In this case, just paint it in xD.

    Rndm, I can only imagine how tired out the doctor must be facing babies like us back then xD. With the way Bandai releases models nowadays, the 200th MG probably won’t take as long as it took to reach the 100th ^^.

    Sbhboi, oh yea… if i have it my way, I won’t take any medicine… but parents like to force it down my throat anyway xD. Gunpla is a good form of meditation when one is sick ^^;

  14. Well, Z, generally I find it better to at least try having a positive attitude and maybe some distraction to get through whatever’s bothering you, be it illness or something else. Not exactly the part of me that tends to be a bit of a worry wort [/cheesy terminology], but I’ve been one to rather embrace optimism as much as I can, so I hope things go through for you in the end and believe it will.

    I just feel that’s more important than whether people should call the White Doll’s V-fin a beard or a mustache (*raises hand*) or a tusk or what not. But about it…

    …I’m thinking of getting the Robot Damashii version first, but I’m if-iffy on whether or not to go with it. I think it might be pricier, even though I’ve heard some praise about Robot Damashii figures being sturdier than MSIAs and pretty sharp-looking.
    In the end, I’d rather play as the White Doll before playing around with a 1/100-(or 1/144 or non-)scaled model or figure of it. I’m a little psyched about GvGNP…

  15. Nice… If the “moustache” was designed to be on the forehead, i’d have bought this kit…
    And i really did want to get a Haruhi figma like yours but given how many cool kits will be released now, i don’t think i have a budget for that… lol…

  16. yeasssss, cooolll right??
    that’s bandai’s 100th (or 50th) MG for you, they made it so special…

    and, hope the bronchi news is not true, me, just last month had cough too, for almost a month, and it’s gone now.. so don’t give up bro! ^^

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