Seravee GNHW/3G


Just saw this over at Ngee Khiong who picked it up fom Ameblo. Seravee 10 Swords… along with all the cannons. Best of both worlds. Who cares if it can’t really move on Earth from carrying three other Gundams on its back >_>. You can never go wrong looking badass with more swords! Infinite Justice and Exia will be jealous…


26 thoughts on “Seravee GNHW/3G

  1. I saw that too… Yikes. I wonder when it’ll start spinning them around the way General Grievous (from Star Wars) does it (though the White Doll looks better doing it with just two). And then they split into three Mini-Devil Gundams? Just too weird of a design (at least when split apart), but I actually don’t think it’s so bad. The arms and sabers are just plain overkill, though.

  2. Wait a sec i thought the color scheme was black and gray and white. oh well i think the 2 added mobile suits look like redone gm’s and 10 swords are awesome but not when their the same sword over and over;)

  3. Yeah… let’s see it goes up against my Avalanche Exia 10 Swords.

    ….wait, ten cannons also? Run, Avalanche! XD

  4. … I don’t think Avalanche or 7 swords 00 can take that out… heck, im not even sure Nu or Hi-Nu can take that out!

  5. lol considering it can release 3 other gundams it would proble be a hard fight for any gundam. one min its shooting 10 beams next min its geting in close with 10 sword before long your surrounded by 4 gundams bang your dead.

  6. psssh sif avalanche, it cant do shit against this beast. i can take it out wth my bare hands *pulls sabers away from seravee*

  7. yeah, this beats bits and funnels by a long shot… it there is no “autopilot” for seraphim. but… even harder if the seraphims have funnels! XD

  8. First off, for all the Turn A naysayers, TURNED Turn A admirers, I say…

    Toldyaso. :P

    Second, while a unit with multiple swords sounds cool, a unit with TEN IDENTICAL SWORDS with more limbs than Vishnu seems a bit…eh, excessive. Or maybe that’s not the right term.

    I think it’s a case of quantity over quality is what I’m trying to say here. And I can’t say I’m too fond of the pastel color scheme, either.

  9. 10 arms, 10 beam sabers, 10 beam cannons! Now thats what I call “HEAVY-arms”. Just wish the modeler kept it black and not purple.

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