For the first time ever, I am actually on time with a given deadline. I said in my other post that I would finish Turn A by Sunday… and completed I did ^^. Now on to photoshooting and writing up the review. I’ll point out that I won’t even need to top coat this model since it looks oh so damn good as is (a point I’d like to glorify). The level of shininess is equivalent to that of a semi-gloss top coat. Now on to the main purpose of this post: The sexy legs!


Look at those curves! o_o I don’t know how to describe it but… they sorta look like blades? The swoops just gives it a really dynamic look when posing :D The panel and seam lines, like the arms, are also nicely hidden so you just get smoothness from top to bottom.


Reflective eyes are still <3. Review to be complete as soon as I have the time.


One sad thing I found out is… unfortunately, my Hasegawa base doesn’t work at all with Turn A so I need to use my other bases for aerial shots… Ugh. I need to finish homework (essay) so I’ll disappear now. I apologize for not being able to reply to anything at this point ^^;.

40 thoughts on “Turn A WISP: DANCE!

  1. Z: I thought it was “TURNS!” at the end of the ending…? Oh, well. *shrug* I liked that opening song, but I thought the first opening was better by a little bit. But both are pretty good.

    And the Turn A doesn’t use traditional rocket thrusters, but an I-field Beam Drive System as propulsion.

  2. Yeah, I think the movie did a fine job recapping the whole Turn A plot. At least the significant parts at least, unlike, say, the Z Gundam movie. I’m still mad that they removed Kamille’s second encounter with Four and the entire Dakar movement along with it.

    So… uh… what exactly IS a “WISP” that I keep hearing about?

  3. *is absolutely clueless about Turn A’s specs* cool.. ^^;

    Oh, let me just put this in here so other people can see how cool Turn A looks in motion without spoilers

    Showing the @G Turn A because that was my first time encountering this bizarre Gundam ^^

    sixwalrus, WISP are my own WIP… appropriately stands for “Work In Slow Progress”

  4. no ive never watched it i got a friend that said that its this super powerful gundam that was so freakin powerful so i figured it was any one know were i can see the anime

  5. >sixwalrus, WISP are my own WIP… appropriately stands for “Work In Slow Progress”

    Ahhh… Thanks, now I can sleep soundly.

    >Speaking of Turn A’s height, Nu/ Sazabi/ Unicorn/ Sinanju is still taller, right?

    Turn A = 20.0m
    Nu = 24.2m
    Sazabi = 25.6m
    Unicorn =21.7m (Destroy Mode)
    Sinanju = 22.6m

  6. 1/1…gunplas… all of us wish that six walrus ^^. I can imagine the price of those things if they existed though. Up in the 500+ or something (probably way off). And it’ll be a pain in the neck, cleaning the nubmarks, assembling it, and top coating too ^^;. Kiss 1 million cans of top coat goodbye.

  7. 1/1? Ok, i recommend you start scratchbuilding at your home’s backyard… Get a crane, bulldozer, trucks and hire an engineer and architect from Japan. XD XD XD

  8. @shboi
    I did thought of doing that for my MG Strike Freedom’s Wings of Light. ^^, and get some ultrafine blue glitter powder to mix…

  9. @Z
    Really? I thought you’ll able to get these stuff from even stationary shops. My place here is pretty easy to find in huge book shops that also sell stationaries.

  10. I saw your latest blurb… I’d like to see the pictures myself, but it’s obvious the person you have to satisfy most of all is yourself. I just want to remind you… Remember when you had extra space and excellent lighting before you got that big TV? :P

  11. Oh, I’m still using that exact space and extra lighting for my photoshoots ^^. I just have a black poster board over the TV har har.

  12. Yeah, but it seems lighting became more of a concern after your TV deprived you of your 80s-music-video-ish-white background. :)

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