Looking at Random Stuff…

A random post for today to look at a couple of things I’ve acquired over the week ^^.


Are you a big fan of food that is of the hot and spicy variety? I am but got recommended to cut back on them completely for awhile… that won’t be happening ^^;. One of my friends introduced me to Da’ Bomb sauce and damn… it’s HOT. Like you almost have to be a M to like the pain from it xD. This isn’t one of your garden-variety hot sauce since it has the potential to really send you to the hospital if misused (aka took it directly). It is rated at 119,700 scoville units (habanero level there). A few drops into a can of chili and your mouth can be hurtin’ (and probably the other end later on). Very efficient. Good stuff. Now on to other things…


Got a copy of the latest Dengeki Hobby with the Unicorn goody earlier this week ^^


Didn’t bother to put it together though… too lazy >_>. Now just skimping through the mag a little…


Even though it’s a custom-made model, this could almost pass for the inevitable MG Exia Avalanche from Bandai in the future xD


Can anyone explain this part to me? Two Red Frames? And isn’t that the master who created the Gerbera Straight? ^^


Silly Bumblebee Gundam is silly. This is where I stopped xD.

Have to do homework now. Oh, anyone have some ideas on who Turn A could fight in the review? ^^;