Looking at Random Stuff…

A random post for today to look at a couple of things I’ve acquired over the week ^^.


Are you a big fan of food that is of the hot and spicy variety? I am but got recommended to cut back on them completely for awhile… that won’t be happening ^^;. One of my friends introduced me to Da’ Bomb sauce and damn… it’s HOT. Like you almost have to be a M to like the pain from it xD. This isn’t one of your garden-variety hot sauce since it has the potential to really send you to the hospital if misused (aka took it directly). It is rated at 119,700 scoville units (habanero level there). A few drops into a can of chili and your mouth can be hurtin’ (and probably the other end later on). Very efficient. Good stuff. Now on to other things…


Got a copy of the latest Dengeki Hobby with the Unicorn goody earlier this week ^^


Didn’t bother to put it together though… too lazy >_>. Now just skimping through the mag a little…


Even though it’s a custom-made model, this could almost pass for the inevitable MG Exia Avalanche from Bandai in the future xD


Can anyone explain this part to me? Two Red Frames? And isn’t that the master who created the Gerbera Straight? ^^


Silly Bumblebee Gundam is silly. This is where I stopped xD.

Have to do homework now. Oh, anyone have some ideas on who Turn A could fight in the review? ^^;


40 thoughts on “Looking at Random Stuff…

  1. This is what happens when you make wayyy too many side stories for the sake of who knows what (*cough*models*cough*). The story, plots, and characters all become convoluted and you get confused about what is what >_>. I lost track… how many Astray stories are there now? ^^;

    Keep the ideas flowin’… I won’t be getting near the end any time soon ^^;

  2. lol… I know nothing about Gundam 00 Side stories yet, but since i am a SEED fan, i know most of the Astray series story. VS Astray is after the final 2nd Valentine War (after end of SEED Destiny). A continuation that some else is happening “at the other places” during the final war. Typical side story.

  3. I also like spicy food but maybe not too spicy. Mmm… curry. ^^;

    Hmm, maybe Turn A should fight Unicorn(if only there was a Turn X MG). Wait, fight the Unicorn that came with Dengeki hobby! XD

  4. @EXKurogane

    For real? shiet I’m been fooled by that Prayer’s innocent look…But well at least it makes this side story more interesting.lolx.

    Anyway, I haven’t read any Delta Astray comic, or is it just a novel ?

  5. Thanks for the tip about the Exia First Type EXKurogane!!

    I have read that the Prayer is actually a clone of the original Prayer which is dead.

    This new Prayer is similar to the other Mina sibling that somehow got revived. I guessed they started to clone a lot of people so that even the Gerbera Straight maker came back out w/ a new RF too.

  6. @sbhboi
    Delta Astray is actually a photonovel, with a few short sentences describing the ongoing stuff. I read it from the monthly Dengeki Hobby magazine. The story is also related to a novel, SEED Destiny Astray (although there’s a simpler version manga for this one), then followe by SEED Frames Astray (fan manga that was initially unofficial, but got approved later). Anyone of you who has a Gundam Astray Green Frame kit, hahah, don’t be surprised it is designed by a Gundam fan like us and became official… This VS Astray, i guess, is a continuation after the ones i mentioned.

    What i don’t understand is Kaite Madigan who previously piloted the Divine Testament Gundam (which was destroyed by Proto-Savior), he is piloting Regen Duel and a part of Librarian group under Mina… Is he a Villian???

  7. Hey guys i was on ngee khiong and he has pictures of all the gundam 00 movie mobile suits and a picture of a gnx with a v fIN LOL :)

  8. From what I’ve read on SRW hotnews, the other Red Frame is a replica with the sword “Tiger Pierce”. That sword was available via the special set of Astray Red Frame PG.

  9. I’ liking the new Gundam 00 design now. Tieria’s Gundam give me a feel of a mix of Virtue, Physalis, and Dendrobium’s missle containers. Like it…

  10. The story of a collector….
    He was so fascinated by Z’s reviews that he felt like buying the MG that Z has reviewed. First is Crossbone Full Cloth, then now even before Z review the Turn A, the influence is so strong that he bought Turn A and decided to also watch the anime.

  11. Somewhere in Anaheim Electronics, the marketing manager of Bandai’s Gunpla division must be grinning with glee with the amount of advertising money they saved thanks to certain bloggers unwittingly doing their bidding…

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