PG 00 Raiser- Screw It…


Not exactly the nicest thing to say about a yet-t0-be-released Gunpla but those are my exact words right now. I am officially canceling my pre-order for this thing. What is my issue with it? It is exactly what you see above. The wing binders(?) cannot rotate! How are you supposed to make dashing/striking poses if those can’t move?! Well, I supposed you sorta can… but it obviously wouldn’t look as dramatic/dynamic.

So I can’t pose the PG 00 Raiser like its HG 1/144 counterpart. Wow. From what I see, this model is basically a stationary suit (as opposed to MOBILE suit har har). This isn’t the only thing that ticked me off… the proportions of the PG model also seems a bit odd. The lower half of the body seems wayyy more muscular than the top… and the huge exposed rectangular waist makes it even more apparent… Take a look to see what I mean:


Ehhh… not gonna spend ~$300 on something that even a professionally completed model can’t impress me. As for the MG Victory…


Hope you don’t mind if I bash on this model yet again. Honestly, I was hoping some more preview images and mag scans might lighten up my view on this model but that’s not the case. There’s plain… and then there’s damn vanilla plain. It doesn’t even look good standing there (no GFF stance). Okay, designs aside (let’s ignore how boring it looks)… let’s just talk about the way it stands. First off, for comparison’s sake…

The GP03S Stamen. Also designed by Katoki. Also has that simple “bored” look to it BUT it does a great job just standing there (my opinion). Like it looks strong just standing there. The V… not so much. Doesn’t look very confident… kinda wimpy. Maybe the person didn’t do a good job at posing the model (benefit of the doubt) but as I observe it a little longer… I noticed something…  V’s feet aren’t exactly flat on the table as if there aren’t enough ankle movement to allow it to be completely on the ground. I noticed this with the first announcement photos as well during that whachamacallit show. So not only is the MG V yawn-inducing but also can’t do a proper “GFF stance”… unlike ALL the other MGUC models o_O. No… I wouldn’t judge it that far. Not yet anyway.

*If you are slightly confused by “GFF Stance”, then just look at any Gundam Fix Figurations and the way they just simply stand there… that stance. It’s so simple yet evokes a sense of coolness and… whatever positive thing I can’t think of to describe it at the moment.

I apologize for making a bashful post especially after a long absence but I don’t think my points are entirely invalid here as well ^^;. Honestly, I would like to be proved wrong (who wouldn’t want Gunplas to be awesome instead?) I think being stressed out affects one’s mood and perspective to a certain degree also methinks…

I’ll probably finally have a chance to work on Turn A’s photoshoot tomorrow…

Oh yea, I jacked most of the photos from Ngee Khiong, who is nice enough to put in the time to collect them from various sites and host it all conveniently at his blog ^^.


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  1. a new update about the 00 raiser wing binders have been posted in it can really rotate but not as how the HG 00’s do it.

    now, the major complain about the 00 raiser has been eradicated

  2. take a look at ngeekhiong, they said that the binders for PG DO CAN move as freely as the 1/144 or 1/100, you lucky to have that PG at a discount price ^^

  3. Well, I believed they have their reason for such design. By the way, if you are good, please design your own PG gundam.

  4. i bothered to look at the date and read the comments down the line to refresh my memory but, what i’m wondering about now is how it came to the conclusion that they could/would not move, especially on a PG, just because of a picture with crossed out arrows. [i don’t think that’s something bandai would have done, regardless of questionable decisions in the past]

    yes, i’m too lazy to research because an answer from you is much easier. [well, if you choose to]

  5. Origin of misinterpretation:

    Adding to it:

    Remember… these posts were made when PG 00 Raiser’s news had just started surfacing and in this day of instant communication, there’s bound to be someone jumping to conclusions… All is solved and cleared up now and I did stated that I stand corrected (but I keep my opinion on its aesthetics) so it’s pretty idiotic of people coming all the way back here (from out of nowhere) to point out my “mistakes”.

  6. OMG no offense but can you people can it? this post is OLD, and made when there was no confirmation whether or not the binders could move. Z has already been corrected and admited his mistake. you don’t have to keep on saying it again and again.

  7. No more commenting on this post…

    To the next loser who comes to this post ready to say something along the lines of “BUT THEY DO MOVE!”:

    Shut up the fuck up and read the last few comments.

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