Air Force I

I’m expecting like three different packages this week but this was not one of them o_o. A late birthday present from a friend afar who is familiar with my (lack of) fashion style ^^;. This post is to let her know I’ve received it. I’ll thank her later too if she doesn’t see this.

Wow… a certificate of authenticity? srsly? o_O I am in no way a shoe fanatic but I do appreciate a simple pair of cleanly designed shoes. I was telling her awhile back how I can’t find a single pair of decent looking shoes that isn’t white or without all those funky flashy patent multi-colors (gray with neon pink and green… wtf?) and “art” scribbles on it.

And here it is. My new pair of Dark Cinder AF1. Simple and understated. You just can’t find something like this in stores anymore… but it’s probably because I’m not looking hard enough at all xD.

Anyway, I’m almost about done with Seravee (probably by end of this week) and I’ll announce the winner of the contest around 12-1 am on Tuesday. That means there’s a good 11 hours left as of this post to take a guess if you haven’t already.

Seravee WISP and More New Stuff…

For a 1/144, this thing is sure loaded with parts. All that’s left are the legs (working on it), canons, and face. Too bad I won’t be able to finish it since I have two finals this week ^^;.

As for the new stuff that just came in, I’ve finally updated my Future Projects page with them in if you want to take a gander ^^. Shouldn’t be anything surprising given my love for certain weapons…

On a semi-related subject, this was the only worthwhile thing I bought during the TG craze. $60 for a 500 GB might only be a decent deal (was originally $100) but I love how slim and small it is (just slightly bigger than an ipod). No power cords too! Apparently the 300 GB internal HDD in my tower is not enough.

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the entries for the giveaway and I’ll be closing it down tomorrow night when I get home from school/work.

Gunpla Inochi Giveaway

This is it. Time for another giveaway/contest to celebrate this blog hitting 1 million views and we’re gonna do it style. Let’s get right to the details and PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

The game: Very easy and simple. Guess the total (yes, including shipping) IN YEN for my 2007 Gunpla loot in the photo above. You have ONE GUESS. It is possible to get the exact amount but you can be off by 1000 yen either way. Everything you see that is “new in package” is included in the loot. The person who gets (closest to) the amount wins.

IGNORE THESE ITEMS: The Wii and nunchuck, and the two packs of Gundam markers to the left- they aren’t part of the shipment. Do not count the GFF in the case (I know some of you will be extra careful and will probably ask about it). Remember, only count the items still in package.


– Anyone is welcome to join. Be it regulars or lurkers. Prizes are also the same.

– Send your answer to

– Remember, answer has to be in yen and with the shipping included as well.

– You don’t have to tell me how much the shipping is but you need to factor it in to give me your final answer.

– Read everything carefully. Look at the photos carefully.

– You may ask questions if something doesn’t make sense but I might not answer.

– If you ask something that can be answered from reading this post then I’m booting you from the contest ^^;.

– You have until 11:59 PM (23:59) on Monday to submit an answer.

HINT: I got 20% off on the Gunplas. Everything came in one box.

Alternative shots


XN Raiser with Hobby Japan(I have three copies at the end ^^; One for myself, sold one awhile back, and friend bought me another one) AND choose either the SD Exia or SD 00 Gundam. UPDATE: If you already have any of these, then I can give you something else… maybe another HGUC or something. Figure it out aftereward ^^;.


If you can get the EXACT AMOUNT within the same day of this posting, you get my Master Grade Infinite Justice.

For the record, I always figure out how much my order and shipping cost is before  I place it so I know exactly how much I am spending beforehand. The above loot took me around two hours to figure everything out… and I was spot on with the actual invoice.

Arms installation is complete – good luck!

Gunpla Inochi Hits 1 Million!

Excuse my lack of a more appropriate/creative image for this occasion since it just hit me ^^;. Today, this blog has reached another milestone- 1 Milliion views! Didn’t even realize it until I saw the counter earlier and thought “oh crap… 1 million already?” xD. How unfortunate that this occurred when the blog’s activity is at an all time low due to a certain someone not updating ^^;. I know I said this oh so many times throughout the year but it doesn’t hurt to mention it some more- Despite the lack of frequent posts and updates, this blog is still kept alive and running instead of collecting virtual dust and tumbleweeds is because of you- the readers. It makes me quite happy to see that everyone is willing to just kick it here regardless of me posting anything new or not. Even though this blog has its own purpose, I absolutely don’t mind anyone just hanging around and chat about anything anywhere on here. It makes stuff all the more interesting when I’m not doing my part ^^;. I also appreciate all the feedbacks from time to time here as well. So for all that, I’d like to thank all of you again.

Honestly, the 1 million hits doesn’t feel so grand anymore^^;. It was simply a milestone I set back in the beginning when I used to get about 50 hits a day and it sounded like something that would take forever at the time so thought I’d at least celebrate it just for the sake of it. I do remember how awesome it felt when the stats shoot up but I’m over that now. Blog views are simply that- how many times people see this blog in a given time frame. I am not saying it is not important though; blog stats could a measurement of how one’s blog is doing in terms of producing quality content. I don’t believe in blogging solely to increase traffic; if you want traffic, then put in some quality content that people can enjoy. The traffic will follow (eventually).

Another thing that really helped this blog are the networking among everyone (linking, blogrolling, etc). People visit me from other blogs and I do the same. Networking is awesome- we can all learn new ideas and trade news just like that *snaps*. This blog’s top “referrers” (where traffic is coming from):

There’s also Gundamaniac (Marvin Ryan) but his site has been down for awhile :(. Of course, and everyone else who linked here as well. Thank you all! ^^

Okay, enough yapping. As with every event on this blog, it is time for another giveaway to celebrate. Usually, I would be benevolently sadistic about what you need to do in my giveaways but this time, I’ll be taking it easy. This was a bit sudden and I’m lacking free time to plan something big like the Gundam Fight contest (previous contest). Heck, I don’t even know what to give away. If I knew this was coming , I’ve ordered something from HLJ along the new stuff I picked up. I won’t be posting any details right now though. I’ve already set up an automated post for tomorrow about noon. Get ready for it :)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, ate plenty, and found something nice the following Friday ^^.

Presents have Arrived…

A quick pic of what I picked up from HLJ during their free shipping promo. This is like the fastest HLJ have ever gotten a shipment to me (processed and shipped over the weekend) so color me amazed o_O. GFF = ~$55. Lancelot RCV = ~$20. Cherudim GNHW/R = ~$20.

I’ve always wanted this GFF to replace my silly MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka…

Oh man… the figure/model is sooo gorgeous in person… and damn is it heavy o_o. It’s like the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka that I’ve never built! ToT

Expecting another shipment from somewhere else soon…



HLJ Free Shipping Promotion

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance at free EMS shipping at HLJ for paying with Paypal. Personally, I think free EMS shipping is like one of the best discounts you can ever receive from a Japanese hobby website. I think now might be a potentially nice chance to do some Gunpla holiday shopping. I’ve already placed my order. :)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. There’s a catch this time around. You must buy at least one of their holiday sales item in order to qualify for free shipping ^^;

You can see all the info and how-to at HLJ.

Macbook Pro Vs. ThinkPad


I need help. Totally Gundam-unrelated here. I pray this post won’t start a ****storm but I’d like some intelligent responses from you all since I know it is very possible here ^^.  Since the holiday shopping season is just around the corner, I figured it’s probably a good time to pick up a laptop so I don’t have to search for an open computer on campus to type up an essay (or a few). Anyway, I’ve been messing around with the Macbook Pro at the Apple Store for the past few weeks and am EXTREMELY TEMPTED to jump on it, as I am practically in love with how potentially efficient the machine can be after getting used to. I just need one last push that getting a Mac(book Pro) at the moment is a GREAT (not just good) idea. Most of the opinions I’ve read so far have people switching to Mac because “PC sucks” or PC is great because “Mac sucks”. Why not utilize both and be more versatile? I don’t have a side but I am getting quite bored with XP and it doesn’t hurt to expand my horizon a little. So here are the specs for the MBP I’m looking at…

I already know what I love about macs from my exploration (the mousepad) BUT… I want to hear the negatives from some of you Mac users. What you hate, or find annoying about macs. Any bit of it, no matter how little or minor. Both hardware and software. Particularly about the newest model if you have one. Obviously the store clerks wouldn’t tell me any negatives because “there aren’t any” as they claimed but I’m a skeptical person. This is too much moolah at risk. Other general things I sorta dislike about Mac:

– No feeling of sorts of personalization; looks a bit silly when everyone around me in class whipped out the exact same looking macbook (and on a similar note, the ipod/phone).

– From what I can tell, Apple refreshes their products hella fast… like every half a year! Wait for newer refresh or just buy current? I hate buying something just to find out an improved model is just right around the corner.

– the almost unjustifiable price tag

– I hate the seperated keys on the keyboard

– They rarely ever go on sale significantly for some cheapskate like me to go “OMG MUST BUY!”

– Lastly, whether I like it or not… I’ll be stereotyped in with the other mac users by other people- The “I’m smarter/more sophisticated than j00 and I hang out at Starbucks, pretending like I am tending to serious business (facebook/myspace/twitter) on my macbook”-type person. *shivers*

My other choice:

If I were to get a laptop PC, I would look at nothing except Thinkpads simply because those things are tank-solid (just like the MBP) and minimalistic on the styling (none of that flashy HP/compaq/Vaio junk). For the same amount of money, I can get a marginally more powerful Thinkpad w/ W7 (which seems to be just as impressive as Snow Leopard so far). I don’t need all that power and stuff (I do not game on a laptop), but I want it there so my laptop won’t slow down (much) just in case I ever open many huge programs at once.

In short, the above configured Thinkpad T400 vs. 13″ Macbook Pro 2.53. Why should I pick the MBP over the Thinkpad? Again, I already know what I love from both side. I just want to hear the negatives from their respective sides… and push me toward to spending the dough on the MBP.

All constructive opinions welcome ^^.