RD V2 Assault Buster Gundam


That just looks badass!


I kinda think it looks better in gray like this than in color judging from the other photos I see of it…


C’mon Bandai… I know I bash you a lot and all but since I know you probably want my money, then you would not delay releasing a MG Assault Buster V2 Gundam right ?!  There are others who share my sentiments too! :D :D :D

Oh yea, I forgot to mention this little hot piece of plastic comes out next march for… ~$50. … …

Images from Ngee Khiong as usual (can’t thank him enough for mining these news everyday ^^)


31 thoughts on “RD V2 Assault Buster Gundam

  1. That is a very colorful Gundam, Sixwalrus.

    Derringer: I get the explanation regarding the MG and how it can’t be as sleek as a Robot Damashii figure can. I also get the stylization-changing explanation, but I don’t think you exactly get my point on that. If you allow me to digress… You mentioned Katoki’s EW-esque designs for the first five GW Gundams back in 1997. I remember most of them (with the exception of Heavyarms until the MG manual in ’04, and we kind-of got shafted about Shenlong as it was obscured in the group picture) had a second image of its design in action. Notice how Wing’s standing picture and action picture are different, not just because of the introduction of the now-different shield and buster rifle, but the details all around in both how there’s more exposure to the inner frame in small areas, and a slightly different paint scheme. I’d like to know how the original shield and buster rifle looked like in full (beyond the B-Club conversion parts, or did they basically get it accurate?), but I’m digressing…
    …Because despite the changes (further color scheme differences in the wings, decals, shield/buster rifle), if you compared the GFF lineart at the back of the cover and the figure itself, or the more-accurate MG lineart and the MG itself, notice how even with the stylistic changes, if you compare with his actual current art, they’re not exactly the same as the product (though the GFF and MG, despite scale, looks pretty much the same, and still looks damn good and attractive). I noted the same for the MG RX-78-2 ver. Ka, which might’ve borrowed from the previous MG to cheapen cost, and I’d get that, but still nevertheless deviated a bit from Katoki’s lineart of the RX-78, whether initial or current. Like Wing, not by much, yes, but compare the MG to its GFF equivalent; one of the 1/100 Metal Composite RX-78s. Notice how the GFFs are a bit sleeker and more consistent with Katoki’s lineart(s) of the RX-78… Especially his angular/flat duck feet, compared to the rounder traditional feet for the RX-78. Katoki managed to get the GFF right, but why not the MG? Why not a 1.5 or 2.0 of his own RX-78? Not just for posing around, but for looking a bit more like his sleek design?
    Maybe I’m just complaining out of ignorance, and is something I should get over. People still get the MG, and I might as it is cheaper than a GFF of the same design (though I’m attracted to the thought of getting another GFF someday), but I’d rather have an accurate model of Katoki’s RX-78 out of the box. I guess it’s close enough in spite of the feet and other small details I might spot, so maybe I should get over it. I may get the OYW instead given that people praise its articulation and modern looks, both of which appear to be good.

    I may still get the MG Victory one day, if only to experiment with it and make it a Gun-EZ or something. *shrug* But I think I might get the Robot Damashii V2 first. I’m only dreaming out loud, though, and I currently have my eyes on a certain upcoming game…

  2. No no, I completely understand and agree with your position. The Ver Ka kits though he is personally involved, don’t really end up looking quite like his designs. This is because he is dictated by what Bandai wants his models to incorporate for future releases. The GM C theory is probably correct. Bandai wanted him to utilize the pre-existing MG GM C mold. But my point was that his own designs sometime change from what they originally were like, which is why updated renditions of his past work look slightly different regardless of business constraints. I didn’t mean the first 5 GW gundams, I meant the EW designs. The MG wing ver Ka has updated lineart for the Nataku, DSH Custom, Sandrock Custom, WZC, Heavy Arms Custom. Put these side by side with the OVA lineart from 1997 and you’ll notice there have been small tweaks here and there. It doesn’t necessarily radically change the design, but they are noticeable. As for the shield and Buster rifle, yes there are changes for Katoki’s Wing. One of the Gundam Wing encyclopedias released after EW has schematics of the Wing Early Type, and there are a number of small changes. The shield for example is supposed to “open” up to reveal the beam saber.

    Besides the Gundam ver Ka MG, there’s also the Sentinel model kits. All of them while looking similar to the mechanical drawings, are off in their execution. There are at least 4 different lineart interpretations of these designs, from the original Model Graphyx, the lineart for the MG kits, the lineart for the HGUC kits, and more recently the lineart for the FIXX series. The S and EX-S are the most obvious of this. The shoulder to head size has been tweaked slightly for each rendition, and yet outside of conversion kits, the products by Bandai have always deviated.

  3. I get your points and understand them, Derringer. I probably should look up the EW designs in question now that you mention it, but again, the same point can be applied to Wing ver. Ka in if you compared the original 1997 lineart by each other, or with the ’02 GFF and/or ’04 MG lineart. And we can apply it to Okawara, too. Hell, didn’t he–the very guy who originally designed Gundam–redesigned the Gundam for a manga series that re-told the original anime’s story (in a different way)?

    I also got your point about Bandai having a hand in things, or how it’s not always how the lineart looks, and so on and so forth. I get it, but I just still feel irritated at that sometimes, such as with the MG RX-78 ver. Ka model (which I mainly ragged on in these recent comments without even touching the thing myself, but given how every figure and model is photographed and reviewed nowadays…).

    I think we’re going in a circle while agreeing here, and I think I put six cents on the MG RX-78 ver. Ka after two cents on the MG Victory, and one or two more on the RD V2 figure, so… *shrug*

  4. …But let me put three more about the V2, now that I’m thinking about it (one more than two for the penalty of double-posting)… It’s such a sleek and somewhat graceful design while looking very intimidating as well. I think–given the similar design aesthetics–they could base a Wing ver. Ka (or Wing Zero) figure out of that and make me want to dish out the same amount of money that the MG itself (or two HGUC 1/144s, or three/four NG 1/144s from specific Gundam anime) to get it.
    Though if they make a Wing Zero ver. Ka/EW out of it instead of a Wing, I might hesitate; I already have the EMSiA Wing Zero, and I’d rather show Okawara some love on that specific Gundam first. I’d sooner dish out money for the RD Turn A, which I find appealing.

  5. @ChrisEXE- That would be nice, the hands that comes with them are crap. Hahha some nice high detailed hands would be great, hopefully Bandai won’t jack up the price juss for a few tweaks.

    Bandai is evil, milking for me all I’m worth juss for some reused designs. T.T

  6. Bandai is having a MG clear part campaign right? I wonder whether original parts will be provided along with the clear parts.

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