GFF Wing Gundam Early Type


Remember when this blog used to be a “home look” on Gunplas AND GFF? It seems like the GFF section is need of some maintenance and blog love and sooo… here’s a much needed complete re-review (with all-new photos) of the GFF Wing Gundam Early Type (Ver. Ka). This is also a great way to introduce it to those who never knew such a page/section ever existed on this blog. Eventually, I’ll start doing re-reviews (mainly taking new photos) of other GFF and older models too so their pages are a little more uniform with my current review format with the more recent models. I also owe you the following: HG 1/144 Seravee review, MG Acguy review, and Turn A battle. Depending on my free time, I’ll either work on Seravee or the battle photoshoot first…


26 thoughts on “GFF Wing Gundam Early Type

  1. I hear ya’. I was so hoping an HCM Pro version would come out when they announced the new Wing figures, but in this hobby patience is a virtue. :p

    Anyway I got my MSIA waaaaaaaaay back in December ’07 around the time it and the 1/60 kit were miraculously available at the same time from Hobby Link Japan. The MSIA’s out of stock at the moment, so I guess it’s not completely unobtainable right now if you’re lucky.

    And while I’m at it, I got the 1/144 and 1/100 off of Tisinc99 from Amazon on April of last year back when they still had a ton of kits from the 90’s.

    I was interested in tracking down the 1st edition MSIA Wing Zero for a while but I decided to only look forward rather than backwards in this hobby.

  2. Well, not necessarily a good thing since you’ll be passing up some items that might be worth getting (but I’m not you, so I can’t speak to your taste), however, unless you want your second version of Wing Zero to have a pink beam saber and keep the first for parts (if possible), I doubt there’s much value of having a first edition, unless you want to keep it in the box and then sell it for a thousand dollars a year later. I’m usually not that kind-of guy, though…

    …In addition on the Wing front, I might also be on the lookout for some Leos (MSiA or model). That’s quite an underrated grunt MS, in my view. But, GvGNP aside, I got my eyes on the TAG 1/144s, for now. And some HGUCs (such as the Zakus, at least).

  3. Wow… to my own surprise, that WZ figure actually looks kinda good. Even the proportions. It reminds me of it in Endless Duel ^^. I remember my friend gave me a MSiA Heavyarms… the thing really was free of panel lines and it was just plain ugly xD.

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