Macbook Pro Vs. ThinkPad


I need help. Totally Gundam-unrelated here. I pray this post won’t start a ****storm but I’d like some intelligent responses from you all since I know it is very possible here ^^.  Since the holiday shopping season is just around the corner, I figured it’s probably a good time to pick up a laptop so I don’t have to search for an open computer on campus to type up an essay (or a few). Anyway, I’ve been messing around with the Macbook Pro at the Apple Store for the past few weeks and am EXTREMELY TEMPTED to jump on it, as I am practically in love with how potentially efficient the machine can be after getting used to. I just need one last push that getting a Mac(book Pro) at the moment is a GREAT (not just good) idea. Most of the opinions I’ve read so far have people switching to Mac because “PC sucks” or PC is great because “Mac sucks”. Why not utilize both and be more versatile? I don’t have a side but I am getting quite bored with XP and it doesn’t hurt to expand my horizon a little. So here are the specs for the MBP I’m looking at…

I already know what I love about macs from my exploration (the mousepad) BUT… I want to hear the negatives from some of you Mac users. What you hate, or find annoying about macs. Any bit of it, no matter how little or minor. Both hardware and software. Particularly about the newest model if you have one. Obviously the store clerks wouldn’t tell me any negatives because “there aren’t any” as they claimed but I’m a skeptical person. This is too much moolah at risk. Other general things I sorta dislike about Mac:

– No feeling of sorts of personalization; looks a bit silly when everyone around me in class whipped out the exact same looking macbook (and on a similar note, the ipod/phone).

– From what I can tell, Apple refreshes their products hella fast… like every half a year! Wait for newer refresh or just buy current? I hate buying something just to find out an improved model is just right around the corner.

– the almost unjustifiable price tag

– I hate the seperated keys on the keyboard

– They rarely ever go on sale significantly for some cheapskate like me to go “OMG MUST BUY!”

– Lastly, whether I like it or not… I’ll be stereotyped in with the other mac users by other people- The “I’m smarter/more sophisticated than j00 and I hang out at Starbucks, pretending like I am tending to serious business (facebook/myspace/twitter) on my macbook”-type person. *shivers*

My other choice:

If I were to get a laptop PC, I would look at nothing except Thinkpads simply because those things are tank-solid (just like the MBP) and minimalistic on the styling (none of that flashy HP/compaq/Vaio junk). For the same amount of money, I can get a marginally more powerful Thinkpad w/ W7 (which seems to be just as impressive as Snow Leopard so far). I don’t need all that power and stuff (I do not game on a laptop), but I want it there so my laptop won’t slow down (much) just in case I ever open many huge programs at once.

In short, the above configured Thinkpad T400 vs. 13″ Macbook Pro 2.53. Why should I pick the MBP over the Thinkpad? Again, I already know what I love from both side. I just want to hear the negatives from their respective sides… and push me toward to spending the dough on the MBP.

All constructive opinions welcome ^^.


45 thoughts on “Macbook Pro Vs. ThinkPad

  1. Hi Z,
    Am trying to make the same decision as you – although between the same MBP and a Vaio (I don’t do brand-snobbery) … so great to get so much feedback on the pros and cons from everyone here.
    I’m personally a big believer in learning new things, which is why the MBP is so tempting; it stretches the brain and forces you to find solutions to things that initially annoy you – and there is always a solution…. anyone remember when Win 3.1 was a real step forward ? ;-)
    I don’t game either but I do want to use my lappy for work, and will definitely be installing windows on it as I use some trading software that isn’t available for Macs. That’s why the post from Sadhvi was so interesting when he mentions that windows can be run simultaneously on the Mac without the need to reboot.
    Sadhvi mate, if you have a pointer towards a site that can explain this I’d be very grateful if you can post it.
    So Z, I’m certain I shall take the plunge to Macdom if only because they’re so cute and I want to annoy my pc-comfortable self. Good luck whichever way you jump!

  2. @Charly: You can google for VMWare Fusion and Parallels.

    Those are the best solutions out there, albeit paid, for Windows virtualization. There’s also free (some open source) alternatives like VirtualBox, Qemu (not sure it run on OS X) and of course Wine itself which is not an emulator or virtualization but a rewrite of Windows libraries to run applications on Unix-based systems.

  3. ugh.. I’m still in the MPB vs. Thinkpad tug o’ war. I was pretty much set on the MBP… then Lenovo threw out their black friday deal and I could actually get their above comp for a couple hundred less. I would’ve added an extra $20 for the 6-cell battery but after googling photos of the “extension”, I just went “oh hell naw”.

    What’s even more irritating is that Apple also threw their own mind game of black friday as well ^^;. I’ve come down to this… if the 13″ MBP (2.53GHz) can be had for less than $1300 ($1350 is my student discount), then I’m jumping on it. If not, hello Thinkpad!

  4. I was expecting a flood of Mac fanboys, but these responses seem reasonable.

    In your position, I would be hard pressed to make a decision, as both of those configs are really nice. I would take the Thinkpad, if only because Macs generally lock you into using Apple services and other Apple products instead of 3rd party. But it depends entirely on what you would use it for.

  5. Johnny, yes… that part about apple annoys me too. They will try to rob every penny from you just from accessories alone.

    Wow… Apple’s so-called black friday event is a total letdown. the MBP I mentioned is now $1 (ONE DOLLAR) cheaper than the price from their online education store for a total of $1398 XD. I could still get it at my school’s bookstore for $1350…

    *sigh* Thinkpad it is…

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