HLJ Free Shipping Promotion

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance at free EMS shipping at HLJ for paying with Paypal. Personally, I think free EMS shipping is like one of the best discounts you can ever receive from a Japanese hobby website. I think now might be a potentially nice chance to do some Gunpla holiday shopping. I’ve already placed my order. :)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. There’s a catch this time around. You must buy at least one of their holiday sales item in order to qualify for free shipping ^^;

You can see all the info and how-to at HLJ.


24 thoughts on “HLJ Free Shipping Promotion

  1. geez…. I feel betrayed…
    black friday discount in hlj is on..
    argh.. if I know this… I don’t want to be anything from freaking trumpeter sale….
    thanks to you hlj (and your black plan).. I just lost 1325 yen… still.. every yen counts… lol

  2. lol.. yea.. good on you.. I bought two non-sale items those time.. and I bought another one this time.
    have you bought anything Z? u can get pg OO raiser in like 19k yen (free shipping) though…

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