Turn A Gundam Fight

Prepare for another scroll-fest. The long overdue final scenes of the MG Turn A Gundam are done ^^. Felt I could’ve done better though but time budget is pretty strict and I should probably start practicing on making special effects since it might help with the overall feel ^^;. With that said, my MG Turn A Gundam Review is officially complete. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Turn A Gundam Fight

  1. Pretty unique, Z… Even though I was somewhat hoping for a fight a bit bigger than that (at least in numbers; maybe a 1-on-1-on-1 or something). I guess I did get that at the very end, though! But stand you used for the core fighter (Mini-MS Stand, right?) sort-of reminds me of those plastic wrappers the GFF and MSiA normally come in, though. :P

    I guess it’s somewhat understandable that you had little time to photoshoot the fight, since real life keeps shuffling your priorities around… But given your little place to photoshoot, the fact that daylight–while limited in a day alone–still reappears every other single day, and the fact that its your blog, why couldn’t you have just planned it a bit, wait for another time to start the photoshoot, and end it another time? I shouldn’t complain though, since it was pretty good, especially under the constraints you had.

    Just wondering… Have you thought of shuffling the fights from your reviews to pages (and a category) of their own?

  2. Yea, the stand was the Mini-MS stand and yea… it does look a bit like (more like, it IS but thicker and stronger) the stuff they tie GFF with.

    In this time of the year, there is no such thing as sunlight since outside is always gloomy and dark as if it can just pour any moment (which it does). The other thing is that I’m always gone during the day… hence I can only shoot at during the wee hours of 2 am or later.

    As for your last question, I actually planned for that EXACT thing… a whole separate main page where it’s just the fights not just from the review, but fights on its own, and fights submitted by others (past giveaway). I thought it would be a nice feature given the time I take to build Gundams but alas, the page never came to fruition because… you guessed it, time ^^;. It’s in development hell at the moment but not completely abandoned (yet).

  3. Thoise stands come with any revoltech action figures i saw, but it can still support MG Turn A… Not bad…

    MG GN-X out in January. Bandai is really kiddin’ me…

  4. ain’t that a shocker… of all the MGs that they could’ve decide on… oh well, at least it isn’t some recolor or something like Astraea….

  5. Z: I was going to ask something, but after thinking about the validity of it, nevermind. I understand how life gets in the way like that.

    As to the MG: Not that I ever tried, but if I did, I wouldn’t have guessed myself that GN-X would be the next MG. Though not watching Gundam 00 yet (apart from the first episode a couple years back) is a likely factor. I like the design, though… The semi-bulkiness partly from whatever it is that’s kind-of forming an X that likely gave it its name (not unlike Gundam X’s design with its Satellite cannon’s panels) as well as partly from the leg design and placement of the arms, combined with the not-so-pleasing head design that still looks as intimidating as a Gundam head, all adds to a formidable (and unique) design of an MS, grunt or otherwise.

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