Gunpla Inochi Hits 1 Million!

Excuse my lack of a more appropriate/creative image for this occasion since it just hit me ^^;. Today, this blog has reached another milestone- 1 Milliion views! Didn’t even realize it until I saw the counter earlier and thought “oh crap… 1 million already?” xD. How unfortunate that this occurred when the blog’s activity is at an all time low due to a certain someone not updating ^^;. I know I said this oh so many times throughout the year but it doesn’t hurt to mention it some more- Despite the lack of frequent posts and updates, this blog is still kept alive and running instead of collecting virtual dust and tumbleweeds is because of you- the readers. It makes me quite happy to see that everyone is willing to just kick it here regardless of me posting anything new or not. Even though this blog has its own purpose, I absolutely don’t mind anyone just hanging around and chat about anything anywhere on here. It makes stuff all the more interesting when I’m not doing my part ^^;. I also appreciate all the feedbacks from time to time here as well. So for all that, I’d like to thank all of you again.

Honestly, the 1 million hits doesn’t feel so grand anymore^^;. It was simply a milestone I set back in the beginning when I used to get about 50 hits a day and it sounded like something that would take forever at the time so thought I’d at least celebrate it just for the sake of it. I do remember how awesome it felt when the stats shoot up but I’m over that now. Blog views are simply that- how many times people see this blog in a given time frame. I am not saying it is not important though; blog stats could a measurement of how one’s blog is doing in terms of producing quality content. I don’t believe in blogging solely to increase traffic; if you want traffic, then put in some quality content that people can enjoy. The traffic will follow (eventually).

Another thing that really helped this blog are the networking among everyone (linking, blogrolling, etc). People visit me from other blogs and I do the same. Networking is awesome- we can all learn new ideas and trade news just like that *snaps*. This blog’s top “referrers” (where traffic is coming from):

There’s also Gundamaniac (Marvin Ryan) but his site has been down for awhile :(. Of course, and everyone else who linked here as well. Thank you all! ^^

Okay, enough yapping. As with every event on this blog, it is time for another giveaway to celebrate. Usually, I would be benevolently sadistic about what you need to do in my giveaways but this time, I’ll be taking it easy. This was a bit sudden and I’m lacking free time to plan something big like the Gundam Fight contest (previous contest). Heck, I don’t even know what to give away. If I knew this was coming , I’ve ordered something from HLJ along the new stuff I picked up. I won’t be posting any details right now though. I’ve already set up an automated post for tomorrow about noon. Get ready for it :)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, ate plenty, and found something nice the following Friday ^^.


27 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi Hits 1 Million!

  1. Everyone, Thanks! Thank you all for the support! :D

    Siroh, you’re always quick to point out my mistakes. Maybe you can be my unofficial editor? aha xD And yea, do finish that fight :P

    Lelouch, great job on the new background. It’s a perfect white… abeit too white (too much exposure). I can’t see the outline on some of those models. ^^; (I should probably also post this on your blog as well).

    bd77, I rather have a room just for the models so I don’t have to leave the house ^^;

    Busterbeam, yea… I think you’re one of the earliest people to visit here :D. We go back far! even before this blog! (lolgamefaqslol) and thanks for sticking around all this time ^^.

    Astrayp03, from what I remembered… he had a new kid so I guess that kept him busy with hobbies and probably wait till he has some real time before coming back again? I haven’t seen posts from him on either. I missed the guy too x_x

    Chris, cool that you decided to stick around after the giveaways ^^.

  2. Congratz Z. It’s great news to hear that your blog hit 1milion visits. I’m almost every day on your blog looking if something new is posted. Keep up the good work ^^

  3. I still remembered I barely made it into your first giveaway with the Haruhi x Exia pic. XD
    I love Gunpla too so it’s only natural to come back, since you built a variety of MGs.

  4. Paliodor, *looks at the number of posts this month* I must’ve disappointed you recently with the lack of new content ^^;.

    Chris, yea… but there are also those who naturally comes back only during times of giveaways as well xD.

  5. Z, nah it’s no problem. I understand that sometimes everyone is to much busy to post new stuff every day\week . I for example don’t have time to post something new on my blog. Last update was very long ago but I hope that it will change in the upcoming two weeks…

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