Gunpla Inochi Giveaway

This is it. Time for another giveaway/contest to celebrate this blog hitting 1 million views and we’re gonna do it style. Let’s get right to the details and PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

The game: Very easy and simple. Guess the total (yes, including shipping) IN YEN for my 2007 Gunpla loot in the photo above. You have ONE GUESS. It is possible to get the exact amount but you can be off by 1000 yen either way. Everything you see that is “new in package” is included in the loot. The person who gets (closest to) the amount wins.

IGNORE THESE ITEMS: The Wii and nunchuck, and the two packs of Gundam markers to the left- they aren’t part of the shipment. Do not count the GFF in the case (I know some of you will be extra careful and will probably ask about it). Remember, only count the items still in package.


– Anyone is welcome to join. Be it regulars or lurkers. Prizes are also the same.

– Send your answer to

– Remember, answer has to be in yen and with the shipping included as well.

– You don’t have to tell me how much the shipping is but you need to factor it in to give me your final answer.

– Read everything carefully. Look at the photos carefully.

– You may ask questions if something doesn’t make sense but I might not answer.

– If you ask something that can be answered from reading this post then I’m booting you from the contest ^^;.

– You have until 11:59 PM (23:59) on Monday to submit an answer.

HINT: I got 20% off on the Gunplas. Everything came in one box.

Alternative shots


XN Raiser with Hobby Japan(I have three copies at the end ^^; One for myself, sold one awhile back, and friend bought me another one) AND choose either the SD Exia or SD 00 Gundam. UPDATE: If you already have any of these, then I can give you something else… maybe another HGUC or something. Figure it out aftereward ^^;.


If you can get the EXACT AMOUNT within the same day of this posting, you get my Master Grade Infinite Justice.

For the record, I always figure out how much my order and shipping cost is before  I place it so I know exactly how much I am spending beforehand. The above loot took me around two hours to figure everything out… and I was spot on with the actual invoice.

Arms installation is complete – good luck!


50 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi Giveaway

  1. Z, I sent my answer already before I posted this reply up. Can you check again (because I replied to your previous sent e-mail)?

  2. I’ll check my email tonight since it is the last day. So far I’ve at least 70 or so entries (the range of answers is amazing). It’s still not too late to just randomly submit me a number!

  3. I know it’s late but…
    By 20% off, did ya mean 20% of each individual gundam; 20% off all the gundam; 20% percent off eveyhting you bought; 20% percent off shipping the stuff???

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