Seravee WISP and More New Stuff…

For a 1/144, this thing is sure loaded with parts. All that’s left are the legs (working on it), canons, and face. Too bad I won’t be able to finish it since I have two finals this week ^^;.

As for the new stuff that just came in, I’ve finally updated my Future Projects page with them in if you want to take a gander ^^. Shouldn’t be anything surprising given my love for certain weapons…

On a semi-related subject, this was the only worthwhile thing I bought during the TG craze. $60 for a 500 GB might only be a decent deal (was originally $100) but I love how slim and small it is (just slightly bigger than an ipod). No power cords too! Apparently the 300 GB internal HDD in my tower is not enough.

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the entries for the giveaway and I’ll be closing it down tomorrow night when I get home from school/work.


13 thoughts on “Seravee WISP and More New Stuff…

  1. …500 gigabytes? And it’s that small? Wow… That’s over five times my HD space on my computer, too. More and more, I feel so outdated. Oh, well. I still have my Windows XP that I cherish over the newer versions, though.

    But I wonder why the continued boasting over no (power) chords, since a lack of any for your keyboard and mouse is what almost killed it. :P

  2. Haha, finally got yourself a MG Astray Blue Frame, I see. Even though it’s not a surprise, you’ve been hesitating about buying it all along.

  3. JUst $60 for 500Gb? That’s cheap! At my place 500 GB is around $90+!!
    Have been wishing to get one too, my current Hard drive is insufficient given that i store vids, movies, anime series, softwares and game drivers…

  4. nice Seravee… oishi toshiba 500gb external.. nice deal u got there..

    For me 500gb is …. not enuff… lolzz… right now in my desktop overall is 1.5tb excluding windows hdd… still not enuff.. lol.. but that all packed with animes, tvshows, games etc etc :P.

    Still waiting for 1tb hdd price to drop lol.. 15gb left T_T

  5. Siroh, the less cables the better for me. Under my desktop is a whole jungle of cables already and it gets disgustingly dirty ^^;. I don’t have to worry about this HDD running out of battery though since it’s USB powered :D

    Allen, yea…the backpack xD

    Chris, yup… the sword was just too compelling.

    Exkurogane, you forgot to mention health care products!

    811, obviously I couldn’t xD

    tsukinari, I can’t imagine myself downloading enough to fill up 1.5 TB o_o. Then again… my 500 GB is already halfway full… >_>

  6. 500gb for $60 ?!?!? thats such a kool deal. i bought a 320gb portable hd for $99 and i thought that was cheap T-T dam australia. looking forward to ur 00 team and blue astray

  7. I saw that I could get a 1-1.5TB WD HDD for $100 or so but I still opt for this one because it has a 3-year warranty as opposed to WD’s one-year. I like that kind of assurance… especially for hard drives ^^;.

  8. nice stuff thou have there Z!! Really a great deal!

    bout your other new stuff
    where’s your promise for finishing your backlog first without buying another!!?

    hehhe xp

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