Air Force I

I’m expecting like three different packages this week but this was not one of them o_o. A late birthday present from a friend afar who is familiar with my (lack of) fashion style ^^;. This post is to let her know I’ve received it. I’ll thank her later too if she doesn’t see this.

Wow… a certificate of authenticity? srsly? o_O I am in no way a shoe fanatic but I do appreciate a simple pair of cleanly designed shoes. I was telling her awhile back how I can’t find a single pair of decent looking shoes that isn’t white or without all those funky flashy patent multi-colors (gray with neon pink and green… wtf?) and “art” scribbles on it.

And here it is. My new pair of Dark Cinder AF1. Simple and understated. You just can’t find something like this in stores anymore… but it’s probably because I’m not looking hard enough at all xD.

Anyway, I’m almost about done with Seravee (probably by end of this week) and I’ll announce the winner of the contest around 12-1 am on Tuesday. That means there’s a good 11 hours left as of this post to take a guess if you haven’t already.


14 thoughts on “Air Force I

  1. Your right about the retarded shoe designs coming to the market i saw a ridiculous number of really gay designs when i went shoe shopping. Come to think of it its almost as if shoes companies are using Gundam Seed Destiny as there inspiration:)

  2. I think it’s really weird but if we have to talk about it… I think Rx-78-2 can actually be a good inspiration for shoes..

  3. haha…people go to extreme heights with shoes…they even made a Nike Optimus Prime and Megatron…that actually transform! xD

    Anyways, Z, you have a YouTube acc rite? I mean thts were u posted ur haro video, and I reconized ur desk, so i noe its urs but…how come u dont go on? I commented on your profile and even messaged u but to no avail…unless somone else took over ur acc…
    I do most of my reviews on YouTube, more so than on WordPress…

  4. as a sneaker connoisseur id have to say that your friend did right by you. you cant go wrong with those. i like them a lot personally. i have a blue and yellow pair myself. and talk about durability! i prefer a bit more traction but good for everyday urban life

  5. Hey I’m into this kinda stuff. I like fancy kicks. Not to mention I might need a new pair, seeing as my dog decided to “mark” his things and my sneakers got hit. The Forces you have maybe some limited edition pair, I’ve never seen those in stores or specialty shops before. MSRP=100+? Your friends is a baller. Hahhaha

  6. C, GSD eh? Guess that would explain the gray, pink and green xD (Infinite Justice). I wanted to point out the shoes directly but I might personally offend someone in the event said person actually likes such flamboyant color schemes ^^;

    ercjohn, it sometimes works! I used to have a pair of silver Nike Hyperflights. They attracted a lot of “oOo! ahh!” from people… as well as blinded many others in the sun ahaha xD

    J19, fashion trend will always remain a mystery…

    allen and hyno, there used to be a limited edition RX-78-2 color Nike Shox something something. No joke.

    Lelouch, oh.. i made the account solely for the purpose of uploading those videos…and then I’ve never used it ^^;. Not sure what to do with an account on youtube xD

    Gunstray, that’s only one example of the color schemes. there are tons more of those funky choices. Just look at the nike dunks aha. I do approve of patent pink and white though… on a girl.

    Busterbeam, blue and yellow is a good combo (from how I’m imagining it). Actually, I think most two-color themes are fine… but when they add in a third color then it looks stupid and unnecessary. Oh, I know how durable these shoes are too! I actually have a pair of AF1 Tuxedo (black and white) before this one ^^;. I would buy another pair of the Tuxedo again but it’s discontinued TToTT

    lilweiser, thanks! my sentiments exactly.

    ahya, I don’t know if these are limited or not but it further goes to prove that you just can’t find nice simple things in stores anymore ^^;

  7. likewise for me, I like my shoes to be durable with good traction, since I lived in a tropical area with frequent rain so it’s important to have a shoe with good traction to hold myself down during heavy downpour when floors are wet and slippery.

    And for color scheme, I like my shoes to look understated, dual colors are the best. I personally feel that funky colors makes it harder to match one’s clothes, unless one is a fashionista.

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