BB Unicorn Gundam

This is a SD win and an absolute want for me. Honestly, this version of Unicorn actually never crossed my mind (though I did made a joke out of it with my MG version). I now also have this ridiculous idea of turning this into a SD Unicorn Ver. Ka. Imagine all of Katoki’s decal on this little thing xD. But wait! the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. The BB Unicorn also has a special feature…

It can transform into…*gasp* a UNICORN! (sorta almost kinda somewhat looks like one anyway) Now we just need to have SD Sinanju on top and we can have our UC Zankantou Ikkitousen special.

I am so going to buy two of these come February…

All images taken from Ngee Khiong as always ^^;


18 thoughts on “BB Unicorn Gundam

  1. is it me or do the arm look like the have no bend in them and are just one solid piece (like BB exia and 00) well even if they are im soo buying this ive been waiting for BB unicorn 4 a while now bandai NEEDS to make a BB sinanju xD

  2. I’m not an SD fan, but that’s cute, and even I’d get it if I can (and aren’t too busy getting other things).

    By the way, why is Unicorn known as “ver. Ka” as an MG and not in most any other form? The same applying to MG Victory, MG Wing (when comparing to its MG), and so on… They’re all Katoki designs (Unicorn and Victory actually his own and not redesigns)… Or has it become a term for slapping on the warning signs on MSs? Say I get an LM 1/144 Leo (shove the price of one on e-bay or availability in general aside). Would it be a Ver. Ka if I put its warning label decals on it?

    Y’know, the way people use terms sometimes can be confusing.

  3. That is one sorry excuse for a unicorn ride lol….the front legs are too short!! But then I am eagerly waiting for either a HGUC Sinanju or BB Sinanju :D Both would be awesome :)

    @ L Seems like the arms are similar to those you find in SDs Sangokuden kits.

  4. This is definitely a win for me, in fact I think the Unicorn mode fits the SD line perfectly since it’s pretty much all white to begin with. The head down into a unicorn mode looks a little “wrong” to me, but the general kit will be a must get. Especially considering it’ll be like 400 yen.

  5. Siroh32: Regarding Ver. Ka, I believe it’s given the model kits that he produces/designs/redesigns for the purpose of making that kit to sell.

  6. Was a big surprise for me. A transformable SD Unicorn.
    I wonder how the SD Sinanju will be like…

    The UC Zankantou Ikkitousen special?
    *imagines the two*
    Full Frontal: JINBA~! ITTAI~! (The horse and rider are one~!)
    Barnarge Lynx: Kore wo owari da~! (This will be your end~!)


    Zengar: …
    Ratsel: …

  7. LOL BB Unicorn 3rd transformation is kinda trippy. Now if there was BB Sinanju, wil it be forgivable to have half the content of the packaging to be taken over by the goldstickers

  8. i can imagine that
    Unicorn Gundam: ULTIMANTE UNICORN MODE!!!
    Sinanju: OK!!! let’s go!!! HEEEEENNSHIIIIIIIIIN!!!!

  9. Most fresh look SD ever ! Now to restock some ABS unit to fix that arm…….

    “IF” BB Sinanju really going to be release, I think it also will have BB original like Unicorn’s horsie mode ? But yeah, UC Zankantou Ikkitousen might sound awesome, but weird too.

    Haha, shouldn’t think too much now…(bring home my stress from work…..)

  10. From the picture, the SD Unicorn does look like its missing a bendable elbow joint, but I’m hoping that it’s not so and it will have the same technology like the upcoming new Sangokuden upgraded Tallgeese (with 15 joints, it is 15 right?)

    It’s still baffling to me that Bandai after previously releasing SDs from the Seed line with bendable elbows, are now choosing now to do so for the Sangokuden and future SDs.

    And the ‘beast mode’ is a nice try, but it’s far from looking like one, because of its head. But I really like the idea of ‘UC Zankantou Ikkitousen’, now imagine a double combination attack from the four of them. It should look epic!

  11. Some of you are scaring me… it looks somewhat bent in some photos so it must have joints doesn’t it? Why in the world would Bandai decide against giving it bendable arms in a SD model? save cost? o_0

    Rob, hate to say this but… the kit will actually be around 800-1000 yen ^^;. That’s almost insane for a regular SD kit o_0.

    Siroh, “Ver. Ka” refers to a MG where Katoki himself oversee everything from design to production… but in this case, I just meant to slap his signature red marks all over this poor SD kit when it comes out ^^;.

    Hono, easy… Bandai will piss us all off and include clear stickers. This will be the cheapest SD model to produce as it only requires white and some dark blue xDDD

    Jacques, yea I think that gimmick is just there just for the lolz. It took me a few stares to figure out why Unicorn is bending over ahah

  12. Z, I understood what you meant by that to begin with, but it got me thinking about the usage (in general) of terms like “ver. Ka”. I figured something like “ver. [fill-in-the-blank]” was an (abbreviated) term meant to easily explain that it’s a person’s own version of an existing design. You half-jokingly labeled your MG Exia a “ver. Z” after some minor customizing, right?
    Plus, I wonder why the MG RX-78 looks somewhat traditional beecraft-like in its re-usage from a previous MG design, while the GFFs (the Metal Composites especially) look a lot more like his design, if “ver. Ka” in those terms meant Katoki oversaw everything…

    Just giving myself one more unnecessary headache as I continue hoping I’d get my current dream game (and required console) pretty soon. :)

  13. I feel that most SD kits released from the GGen NEO versions onward are worth buying, and the Unicorn looks to be no exception. Since it’s proportions are tiny, even with the Psycoframe gimmick, it’ll likely still be quite sturdy.

    Because of you Z, I’ve started to dig out my old SD kits, take them apart, slap new/leftover waterslide decals on ’em and finish with a topcoat. Great fun for a day’s worth of work. Can’t wait for the Unicorn.

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