Gold Paint

Along with the MG Blue Frame and Arios, I’ve also picked up two new bottle of gold paint (one of which is a replacement). I’m already familiar with Tamiya’s gold leaf (see MG Sinanju) and gonna see how well Mr. Color’s Super Metallic works… damn paint better be nice considering it is 4x the price of Tamiya’s. Anyway, anyone know of any gold paint that is actually… gold? I mean like yellow-gold (think Gundam plated gold… or as close as possible) and not bronze-gold. I need such a gold so I can work on a certain half-assed gold plated MG in the near future ^^;. I had to buy another bottle of Tamiya’s Gold Leaf because… well…

The old one looked kinda shitty ^^;.


26 thoughts on “Gold Paint

  1. Moreover I have been careful when buying paints, because of the solvents they use… acrylic and enamel… etc… I’m still blurr. I’m using PLaka hobby paint, expensive but easy to use, water-based…

  2. @Z: yeah i think the lumpy gold Tamiya paint you had in that bottle is what happens when the paint just gets too old.

    @EXkurogane: There’s a guide here, explaining the pros and cons of using different types of paints. This is where I read about some paints being unusable after a while. I found it quite informative

    one quote from it:
    “Finally, all the other paints are unusable if they’re dried inside the bottle. Adding thinner to them don’t do much because they’re changed chemically already. But Mr. Color will “reactivate” if you do this, making them quite economical.”

  3. now this is a very valuable info, unfortunately all the paint mentioned above are unavailable in my region T__T
    We do have Mr.Color and Tamiya Color here, but no gold, silver, etc. Just normal rainbow colors…

    I tried to use Kosutte-Gin-San to make a chrome base then use a clear yellow and it didn’t turn out nice (kinda yellowish, and not gold).

  4. I suggest you use “Pelikan Plaka 61 Yellow Gold 50ml ”
    I have tested it and i was actually pleased with the shiny yellow gold result.

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