Seravee WISP 2

Last WISP before I will just finish up on this model and then on to the photoshoot. For a 1/144, this thing requires as much work as a 1/100. That’s impressive in both a good and sorta bad way ^^;. Good that it packs a lot of details OOB and bad in that it takes almost nearly as much time as an easier 1/100 xD.

Even with only half of its cannons at the moment, it still makes the 00 Raiser look kinda puny…

’twas  a busy day for me. Gotta bounce to school. I’ll get back to the comments when I return ^^;


10 thoughts on “Seravee WISP 2

  1. the snow is AWSOME I just realized it moves in the direction of ur mouse (i.e. move ur mouse to the left of the screen and the snow goes to the left)

  2. That’s a chubby lookin’ guy. Hahha Was Seravee like a secret project you were workin’ on? You never mentioned anything after Turn A. I guess I’ve been caught up in Modern Warefare2 for the past few days I haven’t been doing much. Hahha

    After this I assume Strike Freedom is the next big project. Your previous post about gold paint says it maybe.

  3. He could be getting to the Shining Gundam, but I don’t think it has quite enough gold to warrant a whole new can. But I think he said something about Acguy first, so…

    Anyway, yeah many of the 00 kits have impressive levels of complexity. The Arche and GNHW kits are practically on the level of some of the ritzier HGUC kits.

  4. @Ahya
    The Strike Freedom FBM is already gold plated at the joints. Are you guessing that Z might be painting the whole inner frame that is not plated??? O_O

    BTW Seravee looks nice, but both the 1/100 and 1/144 version lacks panel lines, making it look too plain…

  5. Allen, I like that too :D

    Ahya, naw… I announced it indirectly and few picked up on it… and then there’s lack of posts and other stuff in between ^^;

    Toboggan, no need to analyze so much. Just wait and see ^^.

    Exkurogane, It is gold plated at all the apparent spots but some of that nasty poop bronze (sorry excuse for gold) still shows if I remember correctly (on dalong). Seravee doesn’t have much panel lines but it’s enough methinks..

  6. Woah, HG Seravee is taller than HG 00 Raiser. O.o
    That’s weird, I just look-up their heights over at MAHQ and Seravee is 18.2m while 00 is 18.9m… *cough*

  7. @Z
    LOL Poop color… That’s quite accurate. That makes feel feel glad that i didn’t buy the stadard version which is entirely in poop brown… XD

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