Learning Kanji

I’ll finally be on winter break after finals next week. Wee! And instead of actually taking a break, I’ll be making use of the time to learn myself some Kanji. I’m sure learning it now will come real handy and making Japanese 2xx-3xx somewhat easier when I take it. I’ve found out about these flashcards thanks to Danny Choo introducing them a long time ago (it was a giveaway) and only now I bothered to pick a set up. If only I’ve put in the extra effort to learn Chinese when I was little then I probably wouldn’t need to worry about Kanji right now…

Nice cards. Probably has everything you really need to know about each Kanji on both side of the cards. Might as well take the opportunity to get a headstart while I can ^^. Due to a personal academic reform last year (long story; maybe I’ll tell it some other day), I’ve decided to major in Japanese and one other field. I am not entirely certain about the other field but I likened to be something along the lines of networking/computer/info system/web development/marketing/internet/software (not too much of a departure from EE). Learning Japanese comes from a passive desire to be able to live and work in Japan one day (or just leave the US to see more of the world). I am obviously not the only one with such goals… especially on this side of the blogosphere ^^.

hahaha… oh just as I finished typing that last few sentence did I realized who I wanted to be like (but not quite) xD. Might as well change this blog’s color to orange while I’m at it… har har

ugh… had a long day today (yesterday)… and it’ll be a long day tomorrow (today) as well. Better pack in a goodnight sleep. Do you have trouble sleeping? then watch this ^^

Jinnai Tomonori banzai!


17 thoughts on “Learning Kanji

  1. Flash cards, very handy this. But its best to have someone else who is proficient in Japanese when learn this.

    *watches the clip*
    I see sheeps… I sezzzzzzzzzzz……

  2. I took a Kanji class (as well as a couple years of Japanese) a couples years back. I’ve probably forgotten most of them by now… or maybe I’ve retained more than I think, I don’t know.

    Good that you’re studying them though, very important if you want to live in Japan! Maybe I should refresh…

  3. Kanji can be confusing at 1st. but after a while of studying you’ll get used to it an probably remember the most commonly used easily.

    hehehe jinnai tomonori is so darn funny. sure made my night here thanks.

  4. funny that you put this up when i start my japanese calligraphy class tomorrow and have my japanese language proficiency test the day after. they certainly do look like nice cards! wish i had those! i have a kanji dictionary though so its almost as good i guess (harder to do drills though)

    i took a couple japanese classes when i was in university too (not my major however) and sure enough shortly after i graduated i moved here and have been here for going on 7 years! hard to believe. hopefully you’ll have your chance to stay here too. its a great country. especially for people who have even a mild interest in the culture.


  5. my chinese friends who didn’t go into chinese schools were quite regret that they didn’t learn chinese themselves. oh well, knowing 3 languages like most of us do here is really an advantage :D

    my friend, who was a hardcore otaku took up japanese as his elective assignment so that he can watch anime easier. Lol. I wish i could read and speak japanese too.

  6. I’d actually be worried if this blog starts to turn orange with you wearing a Stormtrooper helmet ^^;

    I use Basic Kanji Book from Bonjinsha. Either way it’s nice to learn a language while still young. I can read and write Chinese, but I still have to be careful as some characters have minor differences, and some kanjis are simply non-existant in Chinese. Btw have you learnt hiragana and katakana already?

  7. cool stuff!!!
    but for me, the best way to learn japanese are:
    1. watching anime,dorama, and listening j-music for the conversation
    2. playing japan ver of all game for the wrinting ^^

  8. I agree with Q. If it turns orange, it just wouldent be Z’s blog. and a stormtrooper helmet? maybe some sort of gundam helmet will do, but stormtrooper? really?

  9. ^No wai, if Z starts doing that(OMG, DC clones), then, then… DX
    He should get a Gundam Exia mask. Yar.

    Anyways, you’re gonna major in the Japanese language? Awesome. Good luck with that. ^^

  10. I didn’t see this on the images you provided, but I would have thought that there would have been the different “readings” listed somewhere in Hiragana for the Kanji shown. Is that on the back of the card? I know almost no Kanji but I can read Hiragana and Katakana.

  11. bd77, yea. I have a few Japanese friends who are kind enough to help me from time to time ^^

    Shinra, non-primary languages can be lost pretty fast if not used. It’s probably a good idea to refresh every now and then. It might come handy one day :D

    Erazer, it’s easy to remember anything with less than 8 strokes but any more…and damn it’s bewildering how they even made up that Kanji x_x

    Busterbeam, Good luck on your JLPT! I hope to one day to be able to join you at an izakaya in Japan! ^^

    Mike, the more ways to communicate the better I’d say. Just like your friends, I also quite regret not learning Chinese (though it is my native tongue). Now I am semi-learning Chinese through…ahah Japanese.

    Antsizedman, the same volume for the last six month or do you have the other harder volumes as well?

    Q, Some kanjis doesn’t exist in Chinese? I’d figure it’s the other way around xD. And yea, I learned my katakana and hiragana (both through Super Robot Wars years ago) wayyyyy before I even took JPN101 (which took a whole term just to teach katakana… I was bored to death)

    Eyeshield, I was learning Japanese like that for half a decade. Some formal education is nice as well if available ^^

    Allen, I personally wouldn’t mind wearing a storm trooper outfit but a Gundam suit would be pretty badass… though I lack such creativity xD

    rndm, how appropriate… clone of an original (clone)… just like the real stormtroopers xD

    Astronerdboy, yea… the hiragana readings and stuff are all on the back.

  12. yeah, i had difficulty remembering those either, the only reason i passed the “kanji phase” of my jap subject is it was multiple choice, the others helped me get the answers right, the majority played the guessing game. XD

  13. So you also want to learn Japanese. I was thinking about that since long time but always don’t have enough of time to start learning it. Maybe with the beginning of the new year I will have more time for it. Anyway, good luck Z ^^

  14. Erazer, I’d think they would test your kanji by having you write it out ^^;

    Paliodor, it’s never too late to start so there’s always a chance to begin ^^

    even if one doesn’t die from sniffing paint, I’m sure it can kill quite a few brain cells… xD

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