More Free Shipping from HLJ…

I’ve received an e-mail from HLJ and wow… I’m guessing HLJ either 1) has too much inventory 2) REALLY want people to get into their new paypal billing agreement 3) loves to give free shipping 4) are just that nice. In case you’ve missed it the first (paypal billing introduction) and second (black friday sale) time, here’s yet another chance to grab stuff from Japan without having to pay a dime for EMS shipping. Of course, the catch again is that you must buy that one of their “blow-out sale items”. You won’t be able to see the items now and the sale doesn’t start until Monday (7th.. in Japan of course). Just wanna get this out there for those who are interested since it’s not even posted on their site yet.

My first order with the shipping promo was for the 1/144 Seravee and some Gurren Lagann stuff. The second time for the GFFMC RX-78-2 Ver. Ka, cherudim, and lancelot. The third time… my order haven’t came in yet ^^;. Not sure if there’s anything else I want for the fourth order o_O


31 thoughts on “More Free Shipping from HLJ…

  1. @plutioniumhunter.. I think.. I’ll pass.. the “golden” remains me into something else :(
    Z, if you get it, I think you need to repaint that gold…
    gff providence is 90% get for me though

  2. I think so… Last time I shipped to Malaysia, they did not tax me… It depends on the size of your box I think… I ship 2MGs to Switzerland, I get taxed almost 50%… A Zeono Qubey Mk-2 and a Vent Saviour, no tax…
    @Z: (Regarding Qubey Mk-2) Why not? All collections start somewhere… ^^

  3. Sorry for the double post…

    @neosonic: hmmm… It does remind me of something too… I better not mention it though… lol…

    Sorry for hijacking your blog ya Z… ^^;

  4. I think I’ll skip on the GFF Shin Musha. No space in my GFF towers ^^;

    KKTE, it’s free shipping anywhere if that’s what you’re asking.

    Plutoniumhunter, what is it that you can’t mention? xD

  5. Lol Z, (and everyone too) call me pluto, for simplicity’s sake… I think dirty yellow/faux gold reminds me of chicken poop for some reason… lol…

  6. Hmmm…I actually may be able to get enough cash to take a part of this now!

    …Errrrk, SH Fiuarts Kabuto is backordered again, and I can’t seem to find the Yotsuba revoltech my sister wants. x-x Eh, still maaaaany other things to consider.

  7. Pluto, chicken poop sounds more lenient… I think it looks like ****. period xD.

    gunthetra, Figuarts are nice! I would’ve like some Kamen Rider ones if they didn’t look oh so anorexic…

  8. I know, right? I’m not exactly big on toku, but those figures just looks oh so awesome and delicious.

    anorexic? Most of them seem to look fine from photos, well to me at least. Domon looks a tad weird, though…

    And it seems like I probably won’t be able to take advantage of this after all. Ah well, I’ll still see if there’s a possibility.

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