Otaku Manager

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of months now. For the first night of Kumoricon (Oregon’s anime convention), I stayed over at my manager’s house afterward since I didn’t bring my car at the time. With her permission, I would like to show you her room ^^. My manager (whom I passionately/sarcastically address as “m0nejer-sama” at work) is a full fledged otaku girl inside and out. Watches anime and reads manga (in Japanese)? check. Listens to J-pop? Check. Is an anime encyclopedia? Check. Enjoys Yaoi? Check. Is a rabid fangirl? Check. Cosplay? Check. Collects figures/plushies/OST/DVD/Gunpla/etc? CHECK! How awesome is that when we work, we are usually making over 9000 anime references, imitations, and making satires out of the otaku culture xD.

This is her library of manga and that’s her on the right ^^. Honestly, I think her room would’ve made it into Otacool if she wanted to join. Now for closer looks…

This end is her husband’s side who is probably every bit otaku as she is… oh, and he’s a complete “SIEG ZEON!” guy as you can probably tell from all his Zeonography and Char stuff.

Many collectibles, gashapons, figures, and whatnot. Some Gundam stuff I’ve never seen before o_o

Monejer-sama’s favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z and can probably answer any DBZ questions you can ask her. Not something you’d hear from a girl methinks ^^;. She’s also a rabid fangirl of Vegeta… and by extension, any character that is an arrogant egotistic badass or something along that line (see Light Yagami, her second lover).

More of her stuff which includes even more figurines, gashapons, broken goku things, novelty items, a really expensive Light Yagami figure… and is that LxLight yaoi doujin? xD

Fortunately, my manager also watches Gundam! Her favorite series being Gundam Wing… rabid fangirl + Gundam Wing + pretty boys… you know what that means right? Yes, she is THAT kind of GW fangirl >_>. I’ve actually read one of her “works” involving Heero and Duo… it was quite hilariously explicit ^^; (she would kill me if I show it to anyone). Amazing how she has the 1/100 tallgeese III, Nataku, and Sandrock… which I don’t have o_o (I used to though).

The Wing boys in clothes and poses that I’ve never seen nor expect them to be in before…*coughyaoibaitcough*

I literally bursted out laughing when I saw Wufei in that outfit. And what’s with that pose?! XDDDD

Of course, we can’t forget the wallscrolls. It’s all throughout her house. One thing I forgot to take a photo of was the full-sized Zeon flag in the living room ^^;

Her otakuism also extends to her car which is filled with a few plushies, and blasting anime OSTs.

Lastly, she has a cat fetish that rivals that of Shoko-tan. And that’s my manager for you ^^. She’s also a great friend as well and working with her is one of the last few enjoyable experience I have in an otherwise stale work environment. Is there anyone you work for or know who is in also happens to be an otaku?


26 thoughts on “Otaku Manager

  1. Cool! Spouses with same interests. I’m sure they can talk about the same stuffs and understand what each other like better. Sharing stuffs is maybe a bit hard though. XD

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