The Last and Grandest…

FedEx dropped off a package from Japan earlier today. This will be my last loot for the year… it is also the biggest ^^;. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you can probably guess this is my HLJ Black Friday order. Let’s see what is inside this little box…

Oh ho! I’ve finally got my hands on a RD figure and it is none other than Turn X. Sadly, the 007S wasn’t in stock at the time of the sale but oh well. I’m surprised to see that it is almost the size of a 1/144 as well. Let’s see if this thing will be a gateway to more RD reviews in the future…

Die-cast display model of the Nissan GT-R… with engine sound! This was the item I chose for the black-friday blowout sale :D. Don’t think this is Gundam-related? The GT-R’s lines were partly influenced by Gundam!

I also bought some waterslide decals for Strike Freedom and Destiny but I didn’t bother with a photo for those. Now for the grand loot…

*ahem* I know I strongly bashed this thing and even canceled my original order (which was a GREAT idea) but… I thought, 25% off PLUS free shipping (final price was ~$200… where it could’ve been ~$380)? Even if I don’t want this thing, I thought I should still pick it up. When all is said and done, I’ve probably saved over $150 ^^; (assuming the real price for this thing is around ~$350 after shipping in other places)

HUGE box… no intention of building it… no room to store it… my mom will be yelling at me ^^;. I’m sure I can make something if I sell it.. It makes for a good footrest though. Not sure if I want to order the clear parts for it either (frankly, I really don’t care about it) since HLJ told me that I need a brand new 00 Raiser as you can’t really swap the parts (think MG Exia Ignition Mode… but more risks). So it is either one or the other… or buy two 00 Raisers. LAME.

The complimentary display base in the size of a HG 1/144 box. And that’s all in the box.

New review will be posted tonight! While I’m not sure that I’ll be able to squeeze out one last MG review by the end of the year, I can probably put out a few more easier reviews and share some new stuff that’s different from the usual ^^.


38 thoughts on “The Last and Grandest…

  1. How did you get 25% off the PG 00? I thought their sale was just free shipping.

    If they had that discount too I sorrrtaaaa regret not getting one too… although I’m in the same boat as you, I don’t really want a PG 00, but I kind of do…. just to have…

    That makes a whole lot of sense.

  2. Haha, welcome to the fold with the PG 00 Raiser. I’m building backwards but so far the 00 Raiser itself has failed to impress. I am wishing more and more they would have sold the 00 Gundam itself, then the 00 Raiser as an additional kit like the Strike and Skygrasper + Aile Pack kits…

    And for the clear parts, agreed, biggest fail of all, and I honestly think it’s worth complaigning to Bandai about. I don’t see the “bonus” of being able to shell out an additional 4,000+ yen after shipping for parts that I can’t use on the kit I just shelled out 16,000 yen for. Heaven forbid those who paid full price or more at that. Simply put, the kit itself, with it’s shoddy first run “bonus” is not justifiable at the original asking price of 26,000 yen.

    I may buy the clear parts though, to sell at a later date. There were quite a few bonus kits for the PG Astray going for 3000~4000 yen on Yahoo Auctions when it came out…. Make my money back and then some?

    Still, while I think the 00 Raiser itself and the clear parts are fail, but I’m moving onto the build of the mobile suit next, so I’m hoping that will redeem the kit.

  3. Allen, experience can always be gained. Haha and you’re right about me haven’t even looked at the runners yet xD.

    Rndm, my money secret- lots of savings and penny pinching ^_^b

    Exkurogane, my reasoning exactly…

    Evolution, there is nothing to brag about an unbuilt kit… ^^;

    Shinra, HLJ’s black friday sale was 25% off everything and anything they have in stock AND free shipping… provided that you buy one of their BF sale items (which is the GT-R in my case… 20 bucks!)

    Rob, I’d supposed the 0 Raiser is as exciting as the Skygrasper. You don’t really want to build it but sorta have to xD. I’m sure you’ll like the construction of 00 though since it does have some pretty fancy stuff in it. I’m not so sure if people are willing to spend money on the clear parts for 00 Raiser like they did for Astray because the Astray one at least comes with an extra katana… which would be the ONLY reason why I’d buy the clear parts.

  4. Z: Yeah, the Skygrasper was indeed an uneventful kit. But I managed to get it for 1,600 yen, which was a great price when you think about it.

    True on the clear parts, there is nothing that is must have about it, so I would imagine only the true fanatics would buy it.

    As for the 00 Gundam, looking forward to the build, happy to see that it will be a ble to stand up and pose well by the looks of it, unlike a certain other kit from the series coughmgexiacough

  5. For the longest time, I’ve always thought Master Grades were going to be enough for me. Especially in recent years, where their quality, gimmicks, and articulation were quickly approaching PG quality, thus effectively blurring the line between the two grades in all but size and some detail.

    Figures that eventually PGs would have to raise the bar.

    I’ve resisted the urge to grab the PG Wing Zero Custom (especially because it, as a FLYING mech, didn’t seem to come with a stand – the HELL?!) Evangelion Unit 01, Red Frame Astray, and the Strike (mainly due to the fact that without it’s Striker Packs, it’s NEUTERED)…

    And now, after seeing all the aspects of the PG 00 Raiser in Ngee Khiong and some Youtube reviews/previews…I’m really, really tempted to set aside some money from my MG list towards purchasing this.

    I couldn’t care less about the clear parts – when you think about the loss of the ability to swap the outer armors for clear versions VS stability in the overall model, I’ll stick with the latter. Take lots of pics of the inner fame if you have to for posterity before sealing it up.

    I’ve already gotten an MG Guntank, another MG Exia (which will be built with Ignition Mode’s Repair Parts), and I’m about to get my MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise. But damn if those 1st shipment PG 00 Raisers don’t get snatched up right away. If I can’t get the stand that comes with the purchase, I’m gonna pass on it altogether. God forbid I end up building a flying mech that can’t get off the ground -_-;

  6. I think what I want to say has been said already. Like MG Astray, the stuffs that you would probably want to buy, you would buy sooner or later. ^^;

    And…PG 00 Raiser, just for footrest? Haha….
    Your “no intention of building it”, could it possibly be same situation like your PG Strike and Astray? You just meant you don’t plan to build it soon right?

  7. I was thinking you will change your mind about that. hehehe you sly boy you. ^^, anyways, i believe putting this guy together will be fun. VERY fun hehehehe.

  8. $200 for a PG 00 Raiser is stealing man… It’s selling around $300 in my country here. Come on Z, build it. And write us gunpla-inochi-style review. Why not just go ahead and get the clear parts? They look so cool when they are partially applied with normal armor parts.

  9. So, after all you bought PG OO Raiser. The dark side of PG kits is really strong that you could not resist to buy this one^^
    Anyway, I’m waiting for your review of this plamo.

  10. You got the RD Turn X, I got one too but the Moonlite Butterfly Ver. It’s awesome! Also planning on getting the RD 007S with all the goods. Those are the only ones that caught my attention.

  11. how much do you plan on selling the 00 Raiser for? I’ve been looking all over the place but its way too expensive…besides, you live in the states, right? That takes out the need for REALLY expensive shipping…not to mention I’ll be getting it from a friend and not some random seller on ebay or whatnot…so how about it? I’ll take it for $250 AND I’ll pay in full for shipping. ;)

    Unless, of coarse, you like it fine as a footrest, I wouldn’t be too let down…I only have $300 for Christmas sooo….
    Shuld I get one PG model or like 3-5 MG models over the holidays? ^^;

  12. Erazer, just a little more free time…

    Isaiah, darn… I completely forgot about the ML ver. o_o. wasn’t it a special?

    Reptile, I supposed you could say that

    lelouch, my friend wants to check it out first since he has expressed interest before it even came. We’ll see. But personally, I’ll gladly have 3-5 MGs over one PG. There’s more diversity in that bundle and probably a lot more fun ^^

  13. Z: I believe it was, but not much of one. It’s basically the figure, but it has a darker and more glossy look with the colors of its Moonlight Butterfly attack swirled all over. It’s not like there was an actual add-on for its Du Ex Machina attack. I’m pretty sure such add-on would’ve been not only featured, but also used for a later limited edition RD Turn A figure (though I think the limited edition of the Turn A figure was pretty similar to Turn X’s).
    If the Turn X’s alternate colors for a limited edition figure was more like, say, Tomino’s original idea of Zaku colors for the Turn X, then maybe I’d be a little better impressed (as I’m not as excited about the glow-in-the-dark nanites that give Turn X and Turn A their Du Ex Machina attacks).

  14. @Z: Limited Edition only sold C3 X Hobby, also a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive. So yeah very rare. Tamashii mite release it again, though(maybe).

  15. @ Z:
    Yea I know what you mean, and that was what I was thinking too. Personally I don’t like reselling it like that unless it was something somebody has asked me to buy for him/her. When I buy something I usually mean I want it seriously, so I usually make a lot of decisions on buying things I like. Gunpla is fine as supply is constantly available for me back in Hong Kong, but for figures… Let’s just say I am not planning to buy anymore big stuff (figure-wise) possibly other than some figmas if there are anymore good ones I like in the future.

  16. Z, there is another sale in hlj, final flurry sale.. (or whatever), are they also offer a free shipping?
    They didn’t say anything about it though… I bet it’s not free.. but, if it’s free.. I want to buy few things :p

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