1/43 Nissan GT-R

This is the GT-R display model I bought from HLJ to get the free shipping on their Black Friday Sale (I think it was only 2400 yen). I’ve always been fond of the GT-R since Gran Turismo ^^. I saw one in person on the road the other day and I almost felt intimidated by its presence haha.

One cool feature about this is the sound feature that plays the engine revving and taking off and sounds like it is running around a circuit. It was amusing for the first time (it’s really loud) then I got tired of listening to it xD. Sorry for the lack of soundclip ^^;

Some macroshots. Taking photos of cars is hard o_o. I couldn’t take any shots of the interior because it’s already hard enough to peek through those tiny windows but the details are actually there ^^;.

The last photo is tricky; I couldn’t find a focus point to bring in both the front and rear. I could turn up (down?) the aperture but then I would have to decrease shutter speed (past 1 second)… and then I’ll have blurry photos (no tri-pod). Maybe I should’ve pulled out my reactor… More lighting is always the better solution.

Anyway, I have to scramble to work now. I’ll catch up to all of you when I come back. ^^


8 thoughts on “1/43 Nissan GT-R

  1. wowwww, i don’t know skyline has new entry, the R35! Until now, i’m just knowing R32, R34 and some of the older GT-R. I wonder if you will trying made some car kit from Tamiya maybe? ^^

  2. I have my eyes set on getting that car…when I get the money. The silver/aluminum looks amazing. The smoke/gunmetal seems too grainy in this one. 1/43 scales isn’t all that impressive, but there are some 1/18 scales on ebay for about 40 bucks. Been tempted to start buying car models lately (because I’m too lazy to build).

  3. lol i collect cars too but less now, have 11 diecas cars so far… I tend to look more rare exotic cars like Maserati but it’s super hard to find…

  4. eyeshield, car models? no way. They are more troublesome than any regular Gunpla Bandai has out so far o_o.

    Moli, I just did ^^;

    Darkage, for that kind of size and the details they put in, I’m impressed ^^. 1/18 takes up quite a fair amount of space though.

    EXkurogane, not to mention they’re the more expensive ones o_o

  5. Really nice details for something so small. The gunmetals on it are a bit overdone, but what do I know, I’m never that much into cars anyway. ^^

  6. I suggest you invest in the 1/24 Alternity Convoy GT-R, just representation of the GT-R plus it’s a Transformer! I think only the silver and black are available now.

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