GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

It’s been forever since my last GFF review so here is one now, review of the GFFMC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka ^^. I apologize for the rather dark photos this time around. I changed the lighting around and didn’t adjust the camera properly until about halfway through. Do check out some of the photos in full resolution though since I uploaded them in a higher-than-usual resolution this time around ^^; (not to mention the photos will look clearer too). Enjoy!

Now on to the next project…

4 thoughts on “GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

  1. Well, it seems Katoki didn’t really succeed if the true goal was emulating the look of the 1/1 model from the Gundam Crisis attraction… Rather, I think the purpose was to apply the decals from that 1/1 model onto this figure, and replace the G-Fighter with the Hammers and javelin. When reading the beginning of the review, I got the feeling that, based on your understanding of this specific GFF combined with your past history with GFF, I thought you were going to be a little too soft with it. I expected you to be a little bolder with it, and you were when closer to the bottom of the review, so I’m at least impressed with that…

    The comparison pic in your review with your MG ver. Ka made me realize how much I shouldn’t have concentrated on nitpicking how the MG’s feet wasn’t the traditional squared duck feet Katoki gave most Fed MS designs he retouched or made himself in the OYW period (as the feet of the MG doesn’t look necessarily as bad in that specific angle of the first comparison image, though the last ones seem damning about it), and I noticed how some proportions (head, some areas of the legs, etc.) looked bigger or different, the positions of the arms, the way the legs look… It seems a little more “cartoony” in comparison to the MC (though fine somewhat aesthetically when compared to the 2.0, even though that MG is superior in articulation, if photos are any indication.

    If I had an MC like this one, after reading your review here, I’d still risk damage by having fun with it as I do my GFF Wing. Granted, I haven’t touched it after taking pictures of it holding its Buster Rifle on its own power (as higher priority of mine is looking for a missing part from my GP02A that I was fiddling with–some add-on to a stand–and also looking for a separate trigger for my EMSiA WGZ, though I think that’s unfortunately lost for good), but I’d still do it in the future as it’s still too beautiful a design and something I’d just like to do. If messing with the paint is a valid issue others with GFF brought up, then maybe I haven’t fiddled with my GFF enough for that to heppen… But why not just wear some rubber gloves when even touching GFF then, if it’s that much of an issue?

  2. siroh, correction taken on the background of the GFF. What you mean by “too soft” on it? xD Also, I’m no design critic so I don’t really notice all the design differences you’re pointing out (until I specifically look at it)… hence I also don’t nitpick ^^;. As long as it looks “sleek” and my eyes like it, then the design works for me ^^. This GFF does well in being a “ver. ka” in terms of its proportions methinks. As for the paint, I wasn’t referring to it scraping off my finger (that is no issue) but when painted parts rub on painted parts… ya know, results are obvious.

  3. You mean–as far as paint goes–if it holds its well-crafted beam saber or rifle, or if one of the forearms–in a pose–happens to scrape across the torso, that you have to say goodbye to a warning label and even some blue from the torso, and say hello to some blue on the forearm, or something? I don’t quite get it specifically, since I never had any trouble with paint coming off of my GFF Wing.

    As far as “being soft” goes, I meant that you were just going to take pictures of it just standing there and no more; as if you were taking pictures of the 1/1 Gundam statue at Odaiba (and lighting in plenty of the photos seems kind-of like as if you were, say, taking photos of a Katoki-styled 1/1 statue at night), rather than try and even get it to do basic poses, which you did later on. I would’ve tried doing that, even if I thought (given what everyone thinks about GFFs) that even moving its right arm a bit would destroy its ability to pose forever and it can’t hold its beam rifle anymore and the sky is falling and so on and so forth (okay, you weren’t crazy like that, but it’s the general impression I get when you review GFFs other than Wing, which I have and tend to agree with your review on). It’s kind-of like when [Insert Anyone Reading This Here]’s parents would be scolding him/her about playing with the lock on the door of a car or with the buttons operating the windows or something, even though some abuse for a short period of time doesn’t do much of anything at all to the lock on the car doors, or its windows if the kid pushes the buttons. GFFs may be fragile-but-good-looking figures, but are they really so very fragile that you can’t really do much of anything at all? It feels like then you should be endorsing the MG RX-78 ver. Ka and have B-Club make replacement parts to make it sleeker and more accurate to Katoki’s lineart. Or endorse kitbashes or conversion kits of HGUCs to make a 1/144 RX-78 ver. Ka model (both of which I’ve seen online before).

    I mean, I display my models and figures and rarely touch half of them most of the time, but isn’t half the fun’s getting them to pose (and maybe taking photos of them in poses)? And you do that for your Gunpla (at least with the better/more modern ones).

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