Nissan GT-R

No scale model this time. It’s the real thing. By SHEER COINCIDENCE, just after posting my 1/43 Nissan GT-R earlier today before I went to work, one of my co-worker’s friend drove over in his brand new Nissan GT-R earlier tonight and my co-worker called me out to check it out (knowing that I’m into this kinda stuff). “HOLY ****” was what came out of my mind. Black on black. up close and personal. First time being near one :D

I deeply apologize for the photos. They’re off my phone. Where was my SLR when I needed it?! D: The VR38DETT sounds just… orgasmic. Especially when gunned. I don’t know how else to describe Godzilla. It looks like a Batmobile? I was apparently too confounded and stunned that I was looking at it ^^;. Here’s a better image of the GT-R from Google:

The best part of the night? The guy was nice enough to let me take it for a spin! And I jumped on the offer! I admit… I was nervous and my legs were shaking a bit, thinking “OMG it’s me… alone… in a GT-R… wtf am I doing?!” ^^;. This is the most powerful and most expensive car I’ve ever driven… or even sat in. I’m not gonna dive too deep into the details though.This car drives like a dream. with a touch of the pedal, it just… flies off. Turns oh so smoothly too. People who have never driven this car complains about its weight but guess what? Godzilla here takes off like a feather and with all that power, it doesn’t even matter. My TSX (at ~3300 lbs, is actually 3-400 lbs lighter than the GT-R) feels obese compared to this. Still, such a wonderful and scary experience… ^^;

BUTTTTT, at the very end… I’d still rather have a Honda NSX Type-R :D


30 thoughts on “Nissan GT-R

  1. -Exkurogane
    Most of the luxury cars has 300% tax. For the normal ones(toyota,honda etc) It is around 160% in Malaysia.
    A GTR in the US of A cost around 75k USD which is alot for a car in the us, and lets dont forget they have 50% income tax in the US. Your pay check must be at least 6000 USD to own a GTR, and that aint easy for a person in his early 20’s(i presume that Z’s co worker is 24? XD).
    The 25k toyota camry you mention there is the camry with the highest spec, unlike the 2.0 camry we have here XD!!

  2. ahya, I really hate Gran Turismo’s sense of speed ^^;

    Gunstray, You can wait for Mazda to release the RX-78 right? :D

    kkte, it’s my co-worker’s friend… who doesn’t work with us. I never met him but he was nice enough to let me drive it the same night he bought it.

    cmos, damn… that’s insane o_o

    exkurogane, haha naw… a new Camry is about $20k-$30k depending on model and as a result, they are EVERYWHERE. Car is cheap here (relatively speaking) and everyone who can mash the pedal can get a license… hence we have quite the traffic issues

  3. Z
    I heard that in Japan, the new r35 GTR wont be allowed to unleash all of its power if it is not on the race track by its internal computer? Does that apply in the US too?
    When the drive it, did you give it full throttle? How does it feel to be pulled by the G force exerted by the 3.8 400bhp engine?
    Currently i am driving an e60 BMW 5 series with 2.2L engine, not really satisfy of its acceleration, i think the GTR would be a blast if you accelerate it with full throttle!!

  4. envy you, Z, aha. I only have the Aternity Convoy/GTR. Just like you, i was crazy over GTR ever since PS2 GT2, that time was for R32, then R34, and finally this latest GTR aka the R35 for some. I’ve seen one around my university, in white. The only one i’ve seen with my eyes in my country. my c2pid country government can tax a car up to 330%, so plus the price of the car, we have to pay 4x the price of the car as compared to the other country. plus the currency exchange… we are actually buy a car with almost 10 times more expensive than the rest. so yeah… it’s impossible for me to buy it here now. it’s like 320 months of my future salary :D

  5. @KKTE
    In Japan, especially the Nissan Z360 as i read from an article in Sunday’s paper, the ones sold in Japan, no matter how hard you stomp on the pedal, it won’t exceed 180 km/h, as their gov wants to control youngsters from speeding. Those exported, reaching 250km/h is no problem.
    But, a standard 1.8L Civic already had pretty good acceleration to me…

  6. kkte, that mod is only in Japan… US has all the stuff from the get-go as far as I Know (Americans want power!) I didn’t give it full throttle because 1. it was a brand new car bought that night 2. car was not mine and belongs to someone I never met 3. my legs were shaking xD. Acceleration felt surreal though…like instant, weightless…just darts off and I did got pushed back into the seat o_o. I don’t really care about acceleration though, cornering is where the fun’s at!

    Mike, how do they expect people to buy cars with such ridiculous markups? o_0

    Exkurogane, how the hell do “youngsters” get a hold of these things?!

  7. Z, exkurogane means RICH yongsters! XD!
    Cornering sure is fun when the car has alot of handling, but in real life it is very unlikely for us to corner at 120kph in your neighbor hood compare to smoking somebody at the traffic light XD! So torque and acceleration is the 1st thing in my mind when i choose a car.

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