If You Turn an X…

… Don’t you still get an X? Just sayin’. A little peek at what I’m reviewing now ^^.

This shouldn’t take me too long. Will be back to gunpla after this. Have to bounce to work though… ^^;


14 thoughts on “If You Turn an X…

  1. the proportion of turn X is good, except the weapon…
    The gun and bazooka is sooooo small..
    The old 1/144 has much bigger weapon than this version’s.

  2. @Mathai
    I’m not very fond of the designs too, and maybe it’s because this series have Western influences. If I’m not mistaken, this series is only around “70% made in Japan”, and that American designers are involved. That made me feel that this series does not have the feel of a Gundam series… =.=

  3. i think they just make it for the lulz… though the story originality is the highest among all series. what can you say? a “gundam”/white doll that comes out from a mountain!

  4. Man, I can’t even find a 1/100 model of this guy, at the very least. I guess an MG Sumo is too much to hope for, much less a Turn X? It’s be way oversized, requiring a large box & wouldn’t have too many gimmicks other than the Shining Finger and coming apart.

  5. ahya, agreed.

    Allen, Turn Z sounds familiar… like it actually existed o_0

    Neosonic, I Know what you mean now… they are THIN

    Swords, oh yea… that too ^^;

    Mathai and Exkurogane, because it’s designed by an american… Syd Mead. I’ve seen some of this other artworks… Turn A/X fits right into his world.

    00, I just like to think Tomino has the guts to go about doing thing his own way.

    Chris, we need a remix like that!

    Erazer, Turn E?

    Ckai, I can see the MG Turn X being VERY fragile if it incorporates all that separating gimmick..

  6. I was about to try to post a big defense of the Turn A designs, but how can you argue against taste? For whatever reason (and I won’t attack any, though I will point out I feel some I’ve seen over the years seem ridiculous to me), people just don’t like the Turn A designs, and while I’m fine with and do like more traditional designs, I like the ones for Turn A because of their unique old-style/somewhat victorian-esque designs like the White Doll (Turn A) itself, meanwhile–as far as the White Doll goes–still sharing simple traits (color scheme, simple humanoid design, V-fin despite being more like a mustache, beam sabers/rifle/shield, etc.) that tie itself to the original Gundam. Though I will admit that Tomino had a hand in that being so, since originally you would have the SUMO as the Gundam as Syd Mead originally had planned. But I still like the SUMO and other unique designs.
    Personally, while not a guarantee, I feel that seeing the mobile suits from Turn A in action in the anime (especially the TV show, but I guess the two movies can do the same) would help having the designs grow on people who were initially skeptical. I think most people who went, “Bleh!” did so only looking at the lineart and never giving the anime a chance. I’m sure there are still people who do that after watching even a bit of the anime; I’m not saying there wouldn’t be any if they were. But I think that’s basically the reason why the anime’s turned down plenty of times.

    With that mentioned, I’m still wondering about something on the Turn X’s design… Are those rabbit ears or bug antennae? In any case, doesn’t really detract much at all from the design, to me. I’m looking forward to this review, though.

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