Looking through the PG Skygrasper…

Truth be told… I don’t think I’ve ever looked inside this PG’s box since the day I got it (2+ years ago) ^^;. I’ve never built a PG before and this is a good place to start. Not that it really matters since at the end of the day, this is still Gunpla we’re talking about… meaning the most we still do is CCS- cut, clean, snap. Looking at the Skygrasper can really make me yawn though ^^;.

Grasping a feel of the size of the PG Aile Striker compared to the 1/100. hooray for giant beam sabers?

I don’t get why PG kits don’t come with decals… nor are there any waterslides for them.

The display base. The right one belongs to the 00 Raiser.

I think I’ll work on this just to get it out of the way….. it doesn’t look that hard and it’s not that big when completed either (a bit bigger than the Aile Striker pack it seems).


32 thoughts on “Looking through the PG Skygrasper…

  1. Finally, looks like you’re gonna build a PG! Will you top coat it after you’re done. Or maybe, this is the reason you didn’t wanna use the top coat on your other kits thus far! =O

    Gonna build the PG Strike straight after? >.>

  2. @00 haters
    yea, this pg is ridiculously simple…..
    I should say about the same level as 1/100 hg seed line.. you might expect the same (or even less parts) for this pg.

  3. 00 haters, there’s a section for your marksetter in my tools page.

    rndm, partially saving and partially for the PG.

    neosonic, it looks like it has about as much work as a small MG… either way, no sweat ^^.

  4. Maybe because of bigger kits, bigger decals would mean more surface in danger of scratching off.

    Skygrasper… if it’s like the plane for Force Sillhoutte, you wouldn’t care about it, but since this is a PG version… haha…

  5. Haha Z, look in the bright side: at least you are not building a proper military model – those will bring you to a whole new level I can tell you XD

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