Wii! New Super Mario Bros!

Just got this game and will hopefully find time to play it… soon ^^;. I bought the Wii two years ago… and I haven’t really touched it since the month I bought it. Not many interesting single-player game really. I really wanted to import Gundam Scad Hammer though! Mario Kart and SSB aside, I actually haven’t played any Mario game beside Super Mario World xD. I only picked this game up because the gameplay looked similar to that of Little Big Planet for the PS3 (awesome game) so it’s great for like a party game or something. Check out this video!

The choreography is almost too perfect o_o. So anyone else has/played this game? What do you think of it?


14 thoughts on “Wii! New Super Mario Bros!

  1. Just played it today. I don’t know what to say though. Don’t like the 4 co-op, but the battling for the coins was fun.
    Btw MANY glitches. Needs to be patched (if possible) or fixed (by resell.)
    Nintendo, you disappoint me.

  2. O__O Glitches???

    What the…? Don’t think I’ve ever experienced a glitch in a sidescrolling Mario game.

    If you’re thinking it’s like Little Big Planet however, it’s pretty different. LBP you can’t really screw each other up too much….NSMB Wii on the other hand is pretty chaotic. You don’t walk through each other, you can jump on someone and push them into a pit, you can pick each other up, you can throw shells at each other, you can throw people into pits, you can go too fast and leave people behind. The list goes on.

    But you can also carry people through hazards, or carry someone with fireballs and have them clear the way for you, or bounce off a friend to grab stuff. There’s just as much potential to help each other than to kill each other. But it’s so much easier to kill each other.

    Just play with the mindset of having fun and not trying to get through a level as quickly as possible as you usually would and I think you’ll have a good time. The co-op is a totally different feeling than single player. I think it’s a very unique experience.

  3. I agree, NSMB Wii is chaotic fun. Sure you can help each other through the level, or you could just try and throw your friends off a cliff to their doom :P Unfortunately my Wii is dead at the moment…

  4. I know of family that have the Wii, but poor ol’ I don’t (though once again, I’m keeping an eye out for a certain portable console and perfectly-hyped Gundam game I fell in love with before ever even getting a feel for its required console). I’m interested in the Wii, though, and trying out games like the one above (I have New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS) and Mario Kart Wii (I got the DS version too… Maybe one time we should play together, Z. How’s progress on unlocking everything there? I pretty much gave up doing that for now, but I almost have everything.), and most especially games like SSB Brawl and Worms: A Space Oddity.
    The last game I tried out was in a store featuring Wii Sports Resort, and although the graphics for it (and Mario-related games) may be a bit too cute, I liked it. My favorite (and was labeled popular) was the swordplay. I’d get that game just for that.

    The Gundam game for the Wii I want to try most of all is MS Sensen 0079. It’s basically a first-person mobile suit combat game like the ones for the Sega Dreamcast and Saturn (and for X-Box 360, though you can go third-person, and all the first-person modes in those games feature the cockpit and not a HUD). Now all of those games would pale in comparison to trying out the Bonds of the Battlefield arcade, which is a dream in Heaven I may never get to experience (somewhat unfortunately, Virtual On is the closest I’ve come to that). But that’s the Gundam game I’d get for the Wii. That, and Gundam vs. Z Gundam, since I believe the Wii has backwards compatibility mode (which wouldn’t matter, since I have the GameCube).

    At one time at a certain store (I forgot where), I managed to find prices for actual PS2s and GCs that are comparable to some DS games. My eyes widened at that fact, though I didn’t bother getting a PS2 then. The only (primary) reason I’d get a PS2 is for those Gundam vs. games. One of which, again, I can get for the GC.

  5. Do you like 1st person games? For me my personal favorite game series is Metroid. I pretty much have every game of it, including the 2D ones, and a $250 Metroid Statue. (Just to show how addicted I am)

    I’ve also been a fan of Mario, but more of Metroid simply beacuse it deals with guns, beams, etc. Kinda like Halo. I heard that New Super Mario Bros Wii is supposed to be based upon the DS version, just with a few refinemints. Overall it seems to be a good game, considering the DS verson was fun enough. xD

  6. wow. SMB is on wii to? cool. btw, i know this is really off topic, but what should i do? i have a really, REALLY bad hair cut now (in my opinion) and i have school tommorow, with over 400 people to laugh at me, and no posibility of skiping too (i would be killed and grounded and have all gunpla thrown out the window. btw window is at third floor), and a concert to preform in on tue.

  7. Btw, glitches as in:
    Co-op- You can leave your team behind you and enter the castle alone, making the other players sign out or lag throughout the rest of the game.

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