Fallen Gundams

I’m sure this is an unpleasant sight that most of you can unfortunately relate to ^^;. My GFF Crossbone Gundam X-1 fell from the top of my 5′ display tower  and shattered into a few pieces after I accidentally bumped the case while trying to get to my closet. If you have Gundam models or figures, stuff like this happens from time to time. The damage wasn’t so bad since no parts were broken but it could always be worse… like my MG Freedom, which got its v-fin snapped after being knocked over by my light fixture ^^;. Another time (years ago), I knocked my MG Strike Rouge on the floor out of anger and bits flew everywhere (it’s all fixed and stuff now). My 1/60 Force Impulse fell from 6′ high and sadly I never fixed it. A lot more has taken such falls before but kinda painful to recall xD. The only thing to do left to do after it happened is to just fix it with your trusty super glue…

What’s the worst that has happened to your Gunpla before? Do you fix your broken models immediately or do you just leave it alone till who knows when? I generally tend to do the latter before the former… ^^;


44 thoughts on “Fallen Gundams

  1. Z: When learning the fact that it’s MG counterpart (technically it’s the counterpart of the HGUC standard GP02A, but the difference between both HGUCs isn’t that much) can’t really hold the shield under its own power without propping from its legs, I wanted to show off in an attempted (but failed) photoshoot that it could hold its own shield (and it could easily hold my GFF Wing’s buster rifle, too!) without that need. I somehow goofed up at that time and the hand’s broken, so unless I glue it somehow with it always holding the handle of the shield, I have to improvise. A shame I can’t do the following (without hand-switching or making it hold the shield with the right hand) anymore:


    And while I like my first ever HGUC, I want to move onto an HGUC (or an HG model that isn’t UC-related) that doesn’t have arms that easily disconnect and shoulders that are hard-as-hell to pose with (even though it can significantly help in holding objects like its shield or overly-long GFF weaponry and objects of similar weight).

    Complain all people want about the older “HGs” (which may or may not actually be like NGs) having more fragile plastic and more of a requirement of paint and polish and less articulation… At least they have better articulation with its arms than the GP02A does (which can only efficiently pose in the anime it’s from and the video games it’s in, such as GvGNP).

    But back to the subject, at least a broken hand for a GP02a (Type-MLRS) is not as bad as having a nephew or similar relative (at least someone younger) destroy your collection of Gunpla/GFF/MSiA/etc.

  2. Yeah.. my tower is nearly full and they need to squeeze together.. I though the scythes were in the way, so I put them away.. and…. yea.. they are gone ever since… maybe I forgot where to put it.. but biggest chance is I accidentally threw it away in a bag with many useless stuffs in it….
    My 3 deathscythes are losing all of their scythes…. and using beam sabers… (since no gun will be matched for them anyway)……

  3. 1 of my MG Strike Gundam (Sword Strike) fall down from my cabinet and broke the horn (athena)… fixed it with super glue immediately but it is never the same…. nowadays whenever I look at it, I will remember that painful incident…

    At one time I try to replace the head using the 1/100 HG Strike Gundam (Launcher Strike Gundam to be precise) but the proportion and design of the 1/100 HG is quite different than the 1/100 MG…. at the end, still I leave it as it is and pretend that it’s perfect…

  4. Worst breakage happened to my very early Wing models… V fins broken, parts missing, and more things happened I am sure but probably won’t like to remember anymore.

    Currently one of my Slaughter Dagger’s antenna broke. Tried looking for spare parts in Parts Paradise in Akihabara this summer but they didn’t have the head part in stock. Dunno when I will get to do something about it.

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