Honda S2000

As an avid lover of automobiles, I feel very obligated to make this post. This year marks the end of production for the Honda S2000, a sports car that is well-respected by anyone who loves to drive. After being in production for almost a decade with minimalistic changes, it is saddening to see this great car going the way of the NSX and Integra. Anyone looking for a S2000 in the future will have to settle for a used one, and even then it might be hard to find that perfect condition (least abused/low mileage) model as not many are sold in the first place (thankfully, it only comes in manual). This farewell post was possible thanks to my close friend letting me photograph his S2000… and letting me take it for a spin ^^;.

small, high-revving engine, RWD, 50/50 weight distribution, well balanced, two seats, amazing handling… All the ingredients for fun driving. For its price range, this is THE driver’s car (yes, I know there’s lotus and others… but they are 2-3x the price). The interior also reflects this- Absolutely down to business. Everything is directed at the driver while the pasenger just look at vast emptiness.

Had to jack the pic off of google since I forgot to take shots of the interior… plus it was too dark inside ^^;. The S2000 is hardcore to almost a humorous level- it doesn’t even have a clock inside xD. Oh, Gotta love starting the engine with the “ENGINE START” button.

The S200o’s engine is rated at ~240 HP@8300RPM, making it the most powerful naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine in a production car. There are very few things in the auto world that can sound as amazing as a DOHC 2.0L 4 cylinder orchestra playing VTEC symphony all the way up to 9000 RPM. It is pure aural heaven I tell you.

You might’ve driven the S2000 in plenty of racing games before and so have I… but simulation cannot compare to the real thing. The feelings are totally different.

While Honda’s past styling are not always the most aeshetically pleasing nor radical to some, at least they were easy on the eyes. I personally find the S2000 to be a very sexy car :D. Unfortunately, Honda’s current styling trend have gone down the toilet as they are excreting this kind of shit on the road (damn you, Honda). I think it’s better to be plain and boring than be offensive.

I love how this car requires a certain level of finesse to be able to drive it smoothly… and correctly. You need to tame it if you want to be able to toss it around without getting yourself killed ^^;. Precision throttle and clutch control, and shift timing… this car shows just how much I still suck at driving stick and have much to learn xD. I was taking off a bit shaky at first but was starting to get used to it. Nonetheless, I had a blast going around corners and speeding on the (empty) freeway with this thing. The S2000 is proof that even a small 4-banger is capable of providing adrenaline when you mash the throttle and the power pushing you back against your seat :)

My Honda Accord (TSX) next to it. I did considered the S2000 before buying the Accord but alas, practicality got the best of me. I’m glad my friend bought it though since now I get to drive it anyway xD. Best of all… I know at least one S2000 will be in good hands and will be driven the way it is meant to be driven. I’ll have more time in this car when the weather is better :D. I hope one day I’ll still be able to buy a decent one along with the NSX ^^.

Farewell S2000! You’ll be missed dearly!


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