Mr. Topcoat- Discontinued?

I hate bringing this subject up as much as you guys hate hearing it but answers must be sought out ^^;. It has come to my attention that Mr. Hobby’s topcoat has been pulled from just about every and any online store that used to carry them (including R10 and hlj). I tried any possible search term and keyboard to bring something up… but got nothing. I have no luck finding any on ebay as well for the past few weeks. The first scare was that Japan banned exporting spray cans of any sort and it looks like hobby dealers have removed all sort of spray cans for sale (including paint, primer, etc) on their site. Can anyone confirm this? It would be nice to know that they are still being produced even if not for sale outside of Japan…

The above is all the topcoat stock I’ve saved up over the months. It might look like a lot but it’s actually not. I am still scrapping future projects here and there just to hopefully finish my regular projects ^^;.


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