PG Skygrasper WISP 1

I think all that’s left is to plug in the wings here and there and I should be finished ^^;. My tweet about clear black paint was referring to painting the windshield on this thing… to give it that tinted look but looks too blah. I kinda regret it so I’ll be stripping out the black and painting it clear blue instead.

It doesn’t look too bad… just could’ve looked better ^^;. I didn’t bother inserting the pilots in xD.


14 thoughts on “PG Skygrasper WISP 1

  1. @hypnos
    In the show, the Skygrasper was like a support unit for the Strike, and it usually would bring along the Launcher pack, would use it’s weapons. I kind of think it as a Guncannon for Gundam Seed.

  2. Didnt bother puting the pilots in… hmm, Your just like me, On my Master Grades I NEVER put in the pilots. Dont know why, I just dont :p LOL

  3. I just realized I screwed up on the wording in this post (what I get for rushing). I meant to say it would be nice to have clear black paint (it doesn’t exist.. I think) so I can tint the windows instead of painting it solid black.

    Reptile, I’m lazy. Can’t take that extra moment to cut out the pilots xD

    Darkage, Love your skygrasper! It reminds me of the airmaster ^^

    ercjohn, there’s not a single purple in my paint set xD

  4. whoa. Darkage, that is one SWEET looking skygrasper ^^. that’s how they should have made it in the anime (or atleast for a custom ace color or something)

  5. yea, I leave untinted… with those two unpainted pilots…
    yea, it’s eyesore… before I have got clear black paint, I won’t bother to paint it…. :(

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