Iron Man 2

W00t! Something to look forward to in 2010 already! While this news isn’t exactly new but I think the trailer is (watched it from Danny’s Gunmetal Iron Man page) and damn, does it seem to look more awesome than the first movie ^^. More awesome because of War Machine. I love the first one and it was hilarious all the way through but the movie was kinda anti-climatic… here’s hoping to a more epic ending :D.

“I’ve just successfully privatized world peace”. Badass. And gotta love the scene at the end of the trailer when they put the masks on :D

Anyone ever watched the old Iron Man cartoon back in the ’90’s? It was a good series though I don’t remember much of it but I think it had a lot of drama ^^;

Damn this brings back good memories. I was only in elementary school I think!

The more rockin’ second opening of the later season. They just don’t make cartoons like they used to…


18 thoughts on “Iron Man 2

  1. Wheeeeeeeeeee a new Iron Man movie!!! I kinda remembered watching this back in the 90’s but like you i can hardly remember any episodes. (I was about 10 by then?) i dunno. ^^ *feeling nostalgic*

  2. Woohoo. You don’t see much properly done comic to movie conversions. Most of them are Epic Fails + Facepalms. Watch the first movie, twice. It was too good and feel good.
    This is one of the movie I’ll be looking forward to watch.

  3. Ironman i think is the bests marvel comic liveaction movie next to spider man. i dint like the Hulk,Fantasy four, or x-men movies much. just something with the way they made them i dint like.

  4. Those last few seconds with War Machine reek of sheer epicness. I cannot wait for this one.

    And oh man, do I miss the cartoons of the mid-90s.The last good American cartoon I enjoyed was Teen Titans from a few years ago.

  5. Dude, totally agree with you.. it;s the best of comics adaptation movies ever, watched the 1st movie more than trice.. haha!! Spiderman would be a great movie if only it wasn’t Tobey Maguire in the suit, he really is a nerd beyond help in the movie..

  6. Ironman is the best hero in Marvel comics in my opinion. It’s a bit more realistic (well, a bit…) than superheroes with suddenly acquired power *cough*Spiderman*cough*.

  7. Ironman tag team with War Machine = Pure Pwnage. I’ll be looking forward to this one ^^. From what I see, the War Machine armor just looks badass. The color scheme is nice too ^^

  8. The first movie was good, I too can’t wait for this movie!!!
    I have watched the Iron Man cartoons before as well…… But that was so long ago………… Man, what memories….

  9. Wait!? What happened to Rhodey!?! Terrence Howard played Rhodey in the first movie, but now it’s a different guy?! Damn Marvel make up your damn minds. Hahha movie looks awesome but disappointed in Marvels choice of actors. Like how Ryan Reynolds played Hannibal King in Blade then Deadpool in Wolverine’s origin…

  10. Transformers 3, Iron Man 2, and the ULTIMATE movie of 2010, Mobile suit GUNDAM 00 The Movie.. So much to wait for next year lol!!!

  11. I think Gundam 00 the movie will beat them all. well mybe not here in the states LOL. were only proble 15% of the people even heard of Gundam.

  12. Transformer 3 already? *shrugs* Didn’t even have a clue. I find the movies to be just a GM product placement.

    Rady, nah… no space. They are nice though.

    Ahya, There were financial disputes between Howard and Marvel so they decided to get a new guy. It sucks but that’s reality. It would’ve been even more awesome if that was Howard in War Machine. Guess there is no “next time, baby” ^^;.

    Dredhawk, 15%? That sounds overly optimistic. I was thinking more like 5-10% xD

  13. Heck might be less then that LOL. most of the people iv talked to i mention Gundam there like ether never heard of it or they go yes ill start talking about Gundam OO and there like confused. because they only saw Gundam Wing. then they get more confused because if they have seen some of the other series. i think its one big time line. then i try to explain there are alternative time line. there still confused i guess there brain are to small to comprehend LOL

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