Skygrasper Last WISP

It might look or sound big what’s with its 1/60 but the Skygrasper is surprisingly small o_O. I’m working on the last of the cannons and stuff so just wanna post a quick update before I disappear to run some more errands.

Unrelated question, are you busier on a day off or on a day you have to work? x_x


25 thoughts on “Skygrasper Last WISP

  1. I will reserve all speculations and judgment until we can all at least see a prototype of the February and March MG releases. I’m sure they’ll be over-glorified the last few weeks before release.

    EDIT: Actually I’ll just throw this in as well… WTF?! PG STRIKE PRICE FOR COATED SINANJU… WITH GOLD FOIL STICKERS? Well… at least the stickers might look better now *cough*…. Nahhhh those damned stickers are still lame xD

  2. @Z
    That’s why I’m not buying the Sinanju for the time being. Wanted to screw the foil stickers, and yet I’m not really skilled to paint small stripes. Moreover, There are yellow parts that are supposed to be gold… =.=

  3. Hah! Bandai take time to make actual gold parts!? Pfft, they’ll juss recolor pieces and sell it like they did with the other rehashed versions of gunpla. Do you really think Bandai would spend anymore time on Sinanju? Besides the recolor and maybe a Special Edition release, Sinanju is done for.

    The price on top is way to much about $150? Jeez then you gotta remember shipping, that’s way to much for my wallet to handle.

  4. @Ahya
    Hahah… i buy gunpla from local stores and shipping usually don’t exceed RM10 (USD $3)… The local online stores stock up really well, up to the extent they have the 1st MG, RX-78 1.0!!! (what for?) Whatever MG kits i want, even the older ones, I can find them with ease. Possibly i won’t even care to buy a Sinanju or I will be just like Z, storing a kit for years before building it… XD

  5. @EXkurogane:

    the gold stripes on sinanju are not difficult if you’re worried about it. use a gold gundam marker. it’s reaally simple, trust me. as for the yellow parts that need to be gold, simple as well with the marker [paint it on the runner]. give it a try =]

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