Dragon Ball Z

Instead of diligently finishing up on the Skygrasper, I am now sitting here watching Dragon Ball Z… movies. Borrowed the whole movie collection from my M0nejer ^^. I avoid any anime (particularly shounen) series with more than 100+ episodes (bleach, naruto, conan, one piece, dbz, etc) because they are slow and takes up so much damn time. I haven’t seen ONE SINGLE EPISODE of the aforementioned anime series. I’ll watch the DBZ movies though since they’re short and brings back good memories- first anime I was exposed to… and first saw it in Cantonese :D.

My m0nejer is a hardcore DBZ/Vegeta fangirl. Beside the movies, she also has all DB/Z/GT soundtracks and the likes ^^;. One of the most ovely abused references (among others) we imitate at work is the “OVER 9000!” line. For example, like today:

M0nejer: hey Z! What did the scanner say about our sales today?

Z: huh? wut? o_O

M0nejer: NOOO! You messed it up! That’s not what you’re supposed to say!

Z: x_x… oh! IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!! *crushes thin air*

M0nejer: You ruined it! >:O

Basically, we would often communicate in ways that would bring the otaku lulz ^^;. I usually imitate some part of Light Yagami or Lelouch vi Britannia (right down to the FABULOUS pose) when things are going just as planned… or act like Kamille Bidan/Amuro Ray (or generic angsty protagonist) and wail “YOU ADULTS DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!!!” when things go wrong. She understands the references real well XD.  We just laugh it off at the end ^^. It looks like we are just screwing around but we do work seriously ^^;.

My m0nejer was also the first person to introduce me to anime outside of the mecha genre… beginning with Ouran High School Host Club ^^;. Yea… I watched it all the way through. I had to question my masculinity afterward though…

Then she introduced me to Lucky Star… which I also watched all the way through and got my mind warped by the “moe” trend. I felt like I lost a few brain cells by the end of this anime… ^^;. From time to time, I had to ask “why am I watching this stuff?!?!”. I learned something though… never ask a squealing fangirl for preferences on what anime to watch. You might end up stumbling upon something like Junjo Romantica…


19 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z

  1. Ouran was gooood :). Hilarious, but yeah, I question my masculinity after that too. Lucky Star, I couldn’t stand. It was so randomly stupid that I went “WTF” too often.
    Didn’t watch Dragon Ball Z as a kid as that was when the news was on and parents watched it. Watching Dragon Ball Kai now to make up for it :D.

  2. Wow, sounds like your working life ain’t dull at all. Interesting. Then again, it sounds like the situation in my house between me and my younger sister. XD

    That reminds me… I haven’t watched Lucky Star all the way through. >.>

  3. Watched DBZ when I was a kid back then, but not on a every day basis because… I don’t know if its the story or the TV station here that aired this, the story became really slow, even if you missed a weeks worth of episodes you’ll still get what happened when you watch. ^^

    ouran… not yet,

    lucky star… next time,

    try watching Vandread ^^ I know its mecha, but with a very fun story. ^^

  4. good times… DB was my first anime ever, well not first but after watching it I wanted to know more about it and that’s how anime was introduced to me :D

    there is one awesome series that is kinda long but realy enjoyable: D.Gray-man You should check it out sometimes :)

  5. lol Lucky star is quite nice for me. I don’t line spending too much on DVDs so i watched less animes. Not anymore. My campus set up a LAN network server, actually by seniors, which is a file sharing system. There is everything: over 1000 movie titles, hundreds of anime titles, music, even PC and PSP game drivers etc. Just copy and paste.

    This is freakin’ awesome and i practically finish an anime series 1 week… The last few I watched is more or less 13 to 26 episodes. Watched Kaze no Stigma, Geneshaft, Ga-Rei Zero and my favorite so far, To-Aru Majutsu no Index. Unfortunately, sticking on these animes made me spend half my gunpla cash on PVC girl figures… XDXDXD

  6. If you are interested in combat/action animes, the best so far I’ve watches is Shakugan no Shana (and its sequels), Tenjou Tenge, Kaze no Stigma and To-Aru Majutsu no Index. I like animes with swordfight actions, and mixed with some supernatural stuff and comedy. That’s why the ones i mentioned is my favorite so far… ^^;

  7. @Eyeshield30: Haha, we have the same things in common then, though I drew Doraemon first.

    With the exception of the last title, I know the rest. I couldn’t really stand Dragon Ball anime series. The manga got me hooked but the anime has just too many spin-offs.

  8. @eyeshield30
    Same here… It’s amazing how I managed to draw Goku so beautifully back then when I can’t draw nuts now >.<

    I never watched ouran… just read the manga. It was hilarious! xD

    Lucky star? nope =/

  9. DBZ was my first manga, wasn’t available in anime back then, so I had to relay on manga. The plus side was that I could breeze through the chapters without any wait, since battle-manga/anime can be real draggy.

    I actually found Ouran to be quite funny and enjoyable, had a lot to laugh at while watching.

  10. I was never able to draw any anime characteres… no matter how hard I tried x_x. I also failed at drawing gundams… do you know how hard it is to get the V-fin right!?

  11. Z, I even design my own Gundams, sketched in 3D like the HG or MG boxart when i am free… XD Though i can only draw a few gundams without looking at a photo… Others i need a photo/picture cuz’ din memorize the design…

  12. Eh, DBZ one of my first animes that I saw in TV. Till now it’s one of my fav. titles and since some time I started to watching it again thanks to the Funimation DVD collection that they have released.

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