Gunpla Nightmare

So you think having a giant collection of Gunpla in your room is awesome huh? Well, it is hur hur hur… Not. At least not when you have to move said collection out for any reason =.=. Such is the case with yours truly. My mom told me earlier that I need to move EVERYTHING(!!!) out of my room by Wednesday for carpet cleaning. This includes my towers of gunpla and GFF boxes, the shelves, garbage on the floor, junk, my bed, my comp… well, EVERYTHING… otherwise she’ll indiscriminately throw anything she sees away ^^;. And I know she’ll be happy to do it because she thinks of all Gundam models as they are collectively known as “trash” to her (typical parents). I have clothes, empty boxes, sleeping bags, cables, knives, traps, homework, paints, tools, reactors, health care materials, booze, magazines and what-have-you all over the floor and cleaning won’t be easy. Let alone moving out all the Gundam stuff. Worst of all, I’ll probably receive more yelling at how much “trash” I have once she sees my entire collection outside my room. I supposed now is a good time to clean up this junkyard of mine…

If you want an idea of how much I need to move out, here’s a previous post of my room (that made it into otacool ^^;).


33 thoughts on “Gunpla Nightmare

  1. My parents don’t really care about me collecting gunplas/ figures . The only thing they care about is throwing away the boxes. Whenever i need to move my models, i have to move them into a box to transport them safely.

  2. I choked on the bagel I was eating when I saw that. O_O

    But you can always put those small boxes inside the big boxes. (MG) I always do that whenever I have to move stuff. It makes life a lot easier. Happy cleaning!

    (You could always shove all the stuff under the rug.) ^^;

  3. It also amazes me how you can stack them that high…do you use a ladder or somethin? And the fact that they don’t come crashing down on you while you sleep is also astonishing.

    Great Scot! Lancelot’s at the top and its box is jutting out!! Almost like its going to….fall…

    Those boxes ARE emtey, right? little rodents and bugs have a tendency to nest in those kinds of boxes…

  4. Shinra, in worst case scenario… they’ll just stay exactly where they are when I do move out ^^;.

    T, I remember reading that post of his a long time ago and thought about it… just too lazy to do it xD

    Zhe, that’s better than my enthusiasm for Gunpla…

    Lelouch, it’s not THAT high. Well, it’s still way taller than me but… it’s reachable from my bed ^^

  5. Well, I’m guessing you’ll flatten them in a way that they can be unfolded and returned to their previous state (with added creases for easy storage).
    If I recall, I lost most of my G1 Transformers due to my parents’ idea of what’s trash and what isn’t. It really is a pain.

  6. Used to have almost as height as bro’s if not because those termites doing “good deeds” to my boxes, only manage to save some & had to burn more than half…..TT~~TT

    Well, anyway, a MG box can fit almost all my BB kits now, save more space too. Good thing also, but no thanks to termites though…..

  7. which reminds me, how did the cleaning go?? “anything” happened?? just wanna know. (its ok if you don’t wanna tell us.) ^^

  8. sbhboi, termites? ughhhh… 0~0

    Erazer, it all went pretty well. Took me the entire day though. No incidents… except my GFF tower came crashing down xD. Oh yea… and a lot of misplaced parts now. Forgot where I put some things.

    divinelight, i think you have more than that already ^^

  9. well a crashed GFF tower is better than having your entire collection thrown away, because of a LAME excuse that they are “trash”. XD congratz to you Z

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