MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

It seems like someone from Bandai had dropped by this blog at one point in time and read my 1/100 Red Frame review and probably thought my lame “kitbash” was a great idea for a MG treatment ^^;.

Or maybe it’s purely coincidental. The world may never know. Whatever the case is… two gerbera straight AND Tactical Arms? SOLD!

… I would’ve much appreciate a 1/100 150 meter Gerbera Straight though. It would only be about 5 feet long…

Image taken from Ngee Khiong


48 thoughts on “MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

  1. OMG~ I’ve been debating with myself for gundams, I lost a few parts for poor Mr. RX-78-2 2.0, but he has been detailed nicely (although being my cripple gundam) but MAN! 2 KATANAS!? ugh……. I have too… I must……. will Mr. Zeta 2.0 even get built? ROFL, poor guys in the mail with his buddy speed grade wing gundam… haha, I’m a freak XD but MAN! GN-X MG is lookin pretty awesome in those pictures… might just get the two somehow, force impulse must find someone else XD

  2. Update from Ngee.
    * The sheath is connected to the parts on the side of the thigh. Sword is mounted by adjusting the top and bottom of that part.
    * The sheath can be held by the hand. The blade portion is plated.
    * New Tactical Arm II L has Flight and Arrow modes. Clear beam part included for the later.
    * Standing and sitting figures of Lowe Guele in 1/100 scale included.
    * Customized display base included.
    * 26 runners in total. Foil sticker, clear sticker and dry transfer decal included
    Hopefully the gold is included at least in sticker form.

  3. Oh, awesome Kef, a customized display base? That’s pretty cool, i’ll def have to get this.

    on a side note, Z, you should do some speed grades, I got my wing custom the other day and it looks really nice :)

  4. from what i’ve seen, it has 3 points of articulation in the feet like rx-78-2 ver. 2.0, btw Z, when’s your blue astray mg review out?

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