Kincho Donto

When times get cold, I usually bust out one of these Donto pads. They’re these handy disposable pads that heat up once you take them out of the package, keeping your grubby hands warm. However, if you keep them covered in a cloth long enough then they can actually get hot enough to burn you xD. I just throw them inside my pillow and sleep with it since one pad can last around 10+ hours ^^. I did woke up with red marks on my arm once…

We can always count on Japan to make these sort of convenient stuff ^^.


17 thoughts on “Kincho Donto

  1. Wow… And that’s much cheaper than an electric blanket, too. Well, unless you get a hell of a lot of them and use them on a daily basis like you could with a reusable electric blanket. They look a little small, though.

  2. haha, trust Japan to make all sorts of these little cheap things that make life much more enjoyable. xD

    Don’t you have a heater or some warm air vent…?

    I got one of these things once but I didn’t end up using it since my Grandma would freeze at night while I slept under the warm air vent. (My bed is right under it.) xD

  3. I know this is of topic but where is a better place to order gunpla? The site I order from( is U.S. based so they get new releases about a month after it’s out. I’ve checked hlj, hobby seach( and r10. But what place is more customer friendly. Hobby search seems to have a point system that seems worthwhile.

  4. I know this is out of the topic, but I wish all of you a Blessed Merry Christmas^^ its already Dec. 25 here in the Philippines. Just feel like greeting y’all ^^

  5. Ahya i too order all my models of if you live in the u.s it is the best places to order hobbysearch may have a point system i have perused it my self but for the shipping it only lets you use ems so when i wanted to order 00 gundam and seravee for some 25$ the shipping was pretty much 24 $ !!! so for me its not so bad waiting a month for new models and a merry christmas too all you know what they need an otaku santa dealing in all japanese goods specialalalaly gunpla. Ha grammer Nazi catch me now hohohohohohohohohohohoho!!!!!!

  6. Siroh, well the point of them is so you can keep your hands warm while you’re outside… don’t think you can really do that with an electric blanket ^^;. They are the size of your palm so they’re just right.

    John, if you have the patience to wait for it to heat…then sure xD

    Cameron, correction taken. we need more people like you around the internet :D

    Lelouch, feels more cozy to have a warm pillow haha

    Ahya,… a bit more expensive but $10 flat shipping plus they have supplies. I find R10 to be VERY customer friendly ^^

    Erazer, Merry Christmas to you too.

    C, hobbysearch will start offering sal shipping next year (finally)

    Allen, thanks for the jingle xD

  7. Merry Christmas all, juss got back from a 13hour shift. -.-*
    I tried hobbywave a few times, it’s a great place with good stuff, but the fact that charge a foreigns fees charge is lame, 3 bucks to convert american$ into canadian$… Hahha I’ll try R10 though, but I fear the sal shipping and customs charges…

    Again Merry Christmas, Hannakuh(?) and Kwanzaa to everyone. c:

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