Time Devices

Is it wrong of me to be surprised to still see people asking me for the time? I still get asked that from time to time by strangers. I mean… with technology these days, a “time teller” is like a no-brainer and is pretty much embedded wherever it can be and then some >_>. There’s a clock virtually everywhere! After thinking about it, I realized the average person carries quite a redundant amount of “clocks” around with them (me included). Aside from my watch, there’s a clock on my cellphone…

and my mp3 player…

So I carry around three “watches” just on myself alone. There’s also a clock in my car, in my desktop, in my keyboard, and in my laptop. And a clock in my Haro. Then there’s also the clock in whatever place I’m in. So in an ideal condition, I am surrounded by 5-10 different devices in which I can find out what time it is. Pretty redundant huh? So it does sorta amaze me when different people ask me what’s the time (even when there’s a screen that displays it right next to them) xD. So how many clocks do you usually carry around?

Unrelated note: I would like to some way change the theme at some point where there’s a spot on this blog for me to make more “casual” posts like this and a “main” one for the Gundam stuff. Seems like a neat idea…

I’ll be out and about in the next couple of days so don’t expect any Gunpla WISPs from me ^^;


10 thoughts on “Time Devices

  1. Normally two, my mobile phone and wrist watch; when driving, four, the car’s clock and the cd/radio system. And yes, when online there’s the pc’s clock.

  2. Only one. My cellphone.
    I know why people may ask, because some people like me who doesn’t have watch are too lazy to fish cellphone out of pockets to check the time, so asking a friend seem easier. XD

  3. My watch, and my phone when I’m out. At home I have a clock on the living room one in the restroom, one on the shower, another one on the kitchen, also one in the dining area, and lastly of course a clock on the top of my PC and also my PC clock, also a clock on the 3 bedrooms. Now if ever someone whats the time on this house deserves a pounding on the head ^^

  4. haha, well I never really expected to wake up on Christmas and check out ur blog to find a post on time!

    But most people do that nowadays because they’re curious…I mean I got people out in the street who come up to me and start asking random questions.

    I have the same Walkman mp3, but I never use the clock on it. My primary “clock” is my phone. Its always on the front display when I pull it out so I have no need for sometihng so infeirier as a watch. (haha, naw, I still used a watch up until 6th grade, but once I got my phone it just turned into a burden. xD)

  5. well, im typically in my room, so 1 for my watch, another on my cell, the digital clock next to my bed, the other “normal” clock next to that, and the clock on the wall… that makes 5… in my room. then there’s school… how am i supposed to count that? at school in total, in the rooms that i go to, i guess about 30-40?

  6. LOL i also have friends who are wearing watches and carry their mobile phones and yet they tend to ask me “ehat’s the time now?” when we are out… XD

    It’s because i always bring my mobile phone along, i tend to forget about my watch sometimes…

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