Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever or not shouldn’t matter  too much as we should all take this time to get together with families and friends and just enjoy ourselves and the company of each other. Even someone like me who hates Christmas for what it is today (a mindless holiday shopping season driven by businnesses/corporations… you know it!) can appreciate how happy everyone around is having a good time, together or alone ^^;. Enjoy the atmosphere and cherish the finer things in life. Now here’s my new favorite christmas song…

Again, Happy Holidays everyone! :D


11 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I kinda agree. Christmas has been turned into a marketing strategy by spamming Santa on every media. What happened to celebrating the birth of Christ…. ^^

  2. Very true, before it was a tradition wherein we celebrate the birth of Christ, it doesn’t matter whether you receive or not receive many presents, the thought that its not about gift giving rather a time for everyone to, as said “to celebrate the birth of Christ.” Now its just a buying spree on almost all available markets around the world. *sigh what happened to the good’ol days?

  3. Happy Holidays! As some have mentioned above, Christmas has indeed been commercialised too much in the recent years, a lot of things have now been associated with money instead. I don’t really celebrate Christmas much, but it’s good to use the day for a rest or be with family.

    But hey, at least we still have a holiday here, because not all places have Christmas as public holiday, and that includes Japan (apparently) :o

  4. My family don ‘t celebrate Christmas, but i “celebrate” christmas by hunting for Italian delicacies in cafes and shopping. Didn’t buy any gunplas though, only bought a PVC figure online (which is already around USD $72) and is yet to arrive… ~Yawn~ =.= A treat for myself…

    Very lazy these days, and exam only a month away, no mood to work on gunpla… Happy holidays everyone… ^^;

  5. Z: While I can’t really disagree with your two cents there, I still think you’d appreciate the commercialized aspect a tiny bit more if you got Gunpla from your loving family. :P

  6. I’m in Asia again, bringin’ home a HGUC Unicorn Gundam(Awesome mode), Jegan, Geara Doga, and Nu Gundam HWS

    Once again, all from Christmas money.

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