Hi-Nu Gundam HWS

Master Keita does not disappoint. EVER. This is like the best looking Hi-v Gundam I’ve seen in a LONG time (before the MG redesign). Mere mortals like me can only dream in my dream of making something like this out of a HGUC Hi-v and vGundam. Not sure if all of you have seen the gallery before but it’s worth looking at again. Link is here. Oh yea… he auctioned this model off for 108,000 yen (that’s ~$1100). The starting bid was only 5000 yen. Just saying…

Let’s not forget he also created a very badass “MG” Astray Red Frame Ver. Ke as well. Not sure if it is safe showing this one at the moment though since it might skew our perception/expectations for the upcoming MG Red Frame from Bandai ^^;.

Yea… it’s a bit sad to see such works of art being sold off instead of being kept but I have a feeling he would have relatively little to no problem producing another one again… but only better ^^;.


26 thoughts on “Hi-Nu Gundam HWS

  1. How the man can work with tiny 1/144 kits is uncanny. I thought it was the MG at first. Major props to that guy. I still think his Red Frame tops everything else, though.

    And this kit won’t skew our expectations of the upcoming MG Red Frame – the PG version already did that…in my case -_-;

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