Spicy Chinese Food

Went out to dindins at Lucky Strike with the m0nejer after work ^^. It’s been far too long since I last had any good (or real) Chinese food at a restaurant. Never thought I could actually find even a remotely decent Chinese restaurant in Oregon until now… but I’m from New York so my opinion here is a bit very biased.

This was the most anticipated dish on the menu. It is called “Hot Pepper Chicken Bath” or something like that. I think the name and photo speaks for itself and its taste :D. By volume, I think there were a lot more chili peppers than chicken bits XD.

Pineapple fried rice was full of yum. Big chunks of pineapple and… spam.

The place claims to be a Chinese restaurant but it serves this Thai dish, Korean pancakes, and kimchi fried rice… on a sushi platter no less xD. I’m not complaining though since the food was delicious and the environment was very contemporary (apparently all the furniture and decors were from IKEA ^^;).

I noticed its Chinese entrees were mainly of Szechuan (四川) origin so I just had to try their Mapo Tofu. Oh my was it awesome. I can pretty much call this “Hot Tofu Pepper Bath” :D. Oh yea, don’t I need like some sort of figure to be in the photo too? Maybe I’ll use a Gundam next time…

Chili peppers, ginger, garlic… and last but not least (and most importantly), sichuan peppercorn (this stuff gives your tongue an awesome numb feeling). They’re all here… in that pool of la yu ahaha. Had to eat most of the spicy dishes by myself as the monejer couldn’t handle anything more than ground black pepper… Hope I don’t get any stomach attacks later tonight xD.

Do you get to enjoy Chinese food in your neck of the woods?


27 thoughts on “Spicy Chinese Food

  1. o0o… there’s more Chinese/Canto people here than I realize. Awesome ^^. Even though I have Chinese food everyday too, home food is still different than restaurant food.

    Eric, I believe it’s on 122nd and powell. It doesn’t look like a Chinese restaurant.

    Ahya, +1 for the dim sum!

    Erazer, I’ve seen that video before awhile back. Pretty amazing place. I hope to be there in person one of these days…

    Chris, sichuan people are crazy like that. It’s normal… xD

    Q, thanks for the heads up. At least now I know I can get it in HK also xD. I’m envious of people living in HK… the access to all that good food.. @.@

  2. wow. the number of chilli in there is crazy. u r eating the chilli or the chicken? haha. talking bout ma bo tauf, i didn’t know that they have a szechuan pepper inside! totally didn’t know bout this pepper as well :(

  3. Wait till you give the crazy Spicy Steamboat that the Taiwanese used to have. Those can blow your mind right off the bat. But in my place in South East Asia, Pineapple Fried Rice are more towards a common food of the Thais, instead of Cantonese/Chinese :)

  4. Mike, the peppers were unfortunately kinda inedible so I had to plow through all that pepper to find a piece of chicken xD

    lilweiser, yea… that pineapple fried rice is a thai dish instead of Chinese but just so happens to be made in a Chinese restaurant xD

    gunstray, not me o_0 but if the food is spicy enough (which is REAL spicy) then my ears start hurting ^^;.

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